articles by Arihant Panagariya


Sonia Gandhi's Women's Reservation Bill is a bad idea which disregards merit, hurts democracy

The Women's Reservation Bill tries to tackle a serious problem through a supposedly morally superior way but instead hurts democracy.


Rahul Gandhi's UC Berkeley speech: Congress VP spurned god-sent chance to score points over BJP

Every time there is a public event that involves Rahul Gandhi, you hope and pray that he won't embarrass his family and political party


UK Election 2017: The real lesson for Theresa May is 'Don't take voters for granted'

Theresa May didn’t lose the UK General Election, but then she didn’t exactly win either


NDTV India ban: Modi govt's decision indefensible; media must look beyond TRPs

What if the accusations against NDTV India do turn out to be true, then will the many in the media own up to it and apologise?


Arnab Goswami is someone many of us love to hate but also hate to love

Arnab Goswami is a deeply polarising figure. Maybe much more than the country’s Prime Minister.


Ashoka University: You don't have to choose between free speech and patriotism

The controversy around Ashoka University’s conduct has made die-hard supporters of free speech angry and upset.


Pakistani actors shouldn't be banned but our soldiers deserve much more attention

Pakistani actors should not be banned from working in our film industry. Yes, despite the harm the Pakistan State has done to our country over many decades. Banning them is no solution. It’s unnecessary and nonsensical.


Trump might lose the US Presidential election but wins over Clinton when it comes to economy

Trump has made the right call on tax cuts and regulations and deserves credit. Well, unless, he makes a U-turn again.


Shashi Tharoor’s bill to improve cities is a good start, but much more needs to be done

India’s cities symbolise both: What India should be and what it should not. The infrastructure has not kept pace with the ambition


From Modi to Trump: The 2016 US presidential campaign reminds one of Indian politics

A couple of key takeaways post the Democratic and Republican party conventions in the US: many people rightly believe that both nominees don’t deserve to run for President, they will only be voting for a candidate because they dislike the other more, political analysts are terrible at their job, the two party system and primaries need reform and Obama will be missed


Brexit: Had immigration from Europe been in focus, Cameron would still be PM

But only if, one/fifth of the fear raised over Brexit was raised over immigration from EU, things may have turned out for different for Cameron and Corbyn.


Debates around 'Udta Punjab' should be on solving drug abuse issues, not free speech

The focus of debate around Udta Punjab should be on solving the drug abuse problem in Punjab, not just free speech or censorship.


For real change, Modi of 2016 needs to be more like Modi of 2014

Current government isn’t substantially different from the Congress era and maybe the Modi of 2016 needs to hear the speeches made by the Modi of 2014.