Huawei ban will be 'incredibly damaging' for ARM, claims co-founder Hermann Hauser

Hauser said that it was 'not an acceptable position to be in for a non-American company' like ARM.

The ban on US companies from engaging in any business with Huawei also meant that the Chinese tech company couldn’t use any technology with components sourced from the US.

For UK-based chip designer, ARM, a company which happens to patent a number of its designs in the US, the ban meant that the company could no longer offer its chip designs to Huawei's smartphone and server businesses.

In an interview with The Daily Mail, co-founder of ARM, Hermann Hauser, has come out and stated that the row over Huawei will be 'incredibly damaging' for the company.

Huawei ban will be incredibly damaging for ARM, claims co-founder Hermann Hauser

ARM co-founder, Hermann Hauser. Image: Reuters

"Most of ARM's intellectual property was created in Europe, but some of it, without thinking, we created in the US. Many ARM products have American intellectual property in them (which meant that) ARM had to follow the instructions of the American president," Hauser told the publication.

The US, so far, has not been able to find credible evidence to affirm its allegations that the Chinese government has been spying on the US using Huawei and its presence in the country.

Since this trade ban came into effect without any strong evidence, the ARM co-founder claims that a number of companies are worried about the same happening to them. Hermann says that companies (including ARM) are beginning to limit the use of technology sourced from the US in order to avoid a situation similar to Huawei.

"If America can stop a Chinese company, of course, they can stop any other company in the world," Hauser added.

Following the Donald Trump administration's decision to blacklist Huawei, ARM was among the first companies to ensure that they comply with the new regulations. The move immediately dealt a major blow to Huawei since the Chinese company's homegrown Kirin chips from its subsidy HiSilicon, are based on ARM processor architecture.

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