Cushion fillers for great home décor

FP Studio September 29, 2021 10:52:30 IST
Cushion fillers for great home décor

Extra comfort
This is a cushion filler which comes in sets of 2. These cushion fillers were in the size of 16 X 16 inches or 45 X 45 centimetres and are of rectangular shape. These cushion fillers are made from non-woven polyester which is filled with reliant fibres. Clasiko Microfiber Cushion Fillers (16x16-inches, White) - Pack of 2 is perfect for your bedroom décor and comfortable to use.

Fashionable look
These cushion fillers come in a set of two. This cushion set has a dimension of 20 X 20 inches and is made from cotton fabric. It is made from microfiber material and comes in white colour. These are soft luxury cushion fillers which give a graceful, modern and fashionable look to your home. This cushion pillow provides uniform support throughout your sleep. HOME ATTIRE Cotton Cushion Filler, 20x20 Inch, White, Set of 2 is easy to wash and clean.

Support for back
This microfiber cushion set consists of 5 cushion fillers which have the size dimension of 16 X 16 inches. It is made from microfiber material. The soft luxury cushion filler gives a graceful and modern look to your home. Cloth Fusion Microfiber Cushion Filler, 16X16 Inches, White, Set of 5 provide a great support to your backs and can be great options for your homes.

Premium quality
This microfiber cushion filler set consists of 5 cushion fillers. It is made from silk material and has a dimension of 40 cm X 40 cm. It has a stain or stripped design and comes in white colour. The material used is made from soft and premium quality fibre. JDX Microfiber Silk Silknise Cushion Filler (40X40cms, White) - Set of 5 are durable and perfect for support.

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