Best double door refrigerators for nuclear homes

FP Studio September 29, 2021 18:51:38 IST
Best double door refrigerators for nuclear homes

Smart inverter compressor
This refrigerator from LG is built with a smart inverter compressor for efficient energy, to retain freshness for longer periods of time and to produce less sound. The revolutionary technology used in this refrigerator allows you to convert your fridge into a freezer if necessary for larger storage capacity. It also has multiple air cooling vents that evenly distributes cool air to all corners of the fridge. It has double ice trays that can make ice in just 90 minutes as well as ample space to store larger containers and bottles. This fridge also has a special latticed type box to store vegetables and fruits and maintain the moisture to increase freshness.

Bacteria-shield technology
This Lloyd refrigerator is built with an inverter compressor to maintain stable temperatures within the fridge for long lasting freshness. The bactshield technology used prevents up to 99% of bacterial growth for food to remain fresh for longer while the vent technology uniformly cools all corners of the fridge. The glass shelves are adjustable and provide ample storage space for your needs. A special cool zone that maintains temperature between 0o and 40C allows you to store items that require cooler temperatures for longer. This refrigerator is also built with a compressor that emits less noise and reduces disturbance.

Uniform cooling
This Amazon Basics refrigerator is built with durable technology for better energy efficiency and power savings. This technology circulates cool air to provide effective and uniform cooling. The refrigerator is equipped with a vegetable crisper and an anti-bacteria deodorizer. These allow you to control humidity and store vegetables for longer periods in the ample fridge space, and eliminate all foul smells keeping the fridge odour-free. This refrigerator also uses a surrounding-friendly refrigerant that has a low environment impact while having superior thermodynamic performance.

2x longer freshness
This Samsung refrigerator is built to have 5 different conversion modes to meet all your cooling needs, from a normal mode to vacation mode. Made with a twin cooling plus feature, the fridge has separate cooling systems to maintain freshness for items stored in the freezer and the fridge. It also has voltage protection, a digital inverter and a smart connect inverter that prevents power fluctuations, provides greater efficiency and run on power cuts to maintain freshness. The fridge has an alarm feature that is audible when the door is not shut properly as well as power cool and freezer features that freeze and cool on demand.

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