GDC 2011: Resistance 3 Details Trickle Through

Here's why you should be excited about Resistance 3.

At this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC), developer Insomniac Games showcased their upcoming shooter, Resistance 3 in all its single and multiplayer glory. And thanks to Game Informer, here are the juicy highlights.

Single Player

  • Weapon wheel from the original Resistance returns
    Each weapon has primary and secondary fire
    All weapons are upgradeable
    Open level design will allow you to tackle scenarios based on your playstyle


GDC 2011: Resistance 3 Details Trickle Through

You uhh don't umm scare me




  • All maps will be located outside of the U.S., one example is a prison map located in the Republic of Chad
    Each map will have objective-based game modes: Mode shown at GDC is Team Deathmatch
    Max player count has decreased for “a more focused experience”: Resistance – 40, Resistance 2 – 60, Resistance 3 – 16 (8v8)
    Passive abilities: Used to tailor gameplay according to your playstyle. For instance, run-and-gunners can gain an ability to increase accuracy
    Active abilities: Must be activated by players and can be mapped to the D-pad. Abilities include giving health or ammo to allies, creating a doppleganger that will position themselves next to you on the battlefield, or activating an “electric hoolahoop” of sorts that will damage opponents who come in for a melee attack
    Species-specific kill streak bonuses: For example, kill three people as a Chimera and a temporary cloak ability will activate. Humans will have different kill streak bonuses.