Electronic Arts announces Need for Speed: Payback; brings deeper car customisation and a movie-like twist

Need for Speed: Payback will arrive on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on 10 November.

Electronic Arts has announced yet another sequel to the long-standing Need for Speed series that simply refuses to die. The new title is called Need for Speed: Payback and it's a plot-heavy game that will remind you of the Fast and Furious series more than anything else.

Going from simple races, to street racing, to cop chases and then some open world racing, the Need for Speed series, has come a long way. So how do you take a decade old title and breathe some life into it? Well Electronic Arts seems to have another recipe and this time its going for an almost movie-like plot.

Need for Speed Payback (2)

The driving experience will be a mix of off-road and on road, and as mentioned by The Verge, that plot takes off where the player can choose between playing one of three characters.

Need for Speed Payback (4)

The trio gang up against a cartel called "The House". In the process of bringing down the "The House", players will have to evade the cops, take part in underground street races and plenty more.

Need for Speed Payback (3)

EA has also taken car customisation to a much deeper level. Players will be able to literally "craft a personalized and unique ride", meaning that you will be able to transform a pile of scrap into a supercar of your choice.

Need for Speed: Payback will arrive on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC on 10 November. Gamers with an EA Access or Origin Access pass will get a 10 hours of gameplay before everyone else on 2 November.

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