Twinkle Khanna trolled for announcing auction of naval uniform worn by Akshay Kumar in Rustom

FP Staff

Apr 27, 2018 18:05:37 IST

Twinkle Khanna recently posted on all her social media handles that the naval uniform her husband Akshay Kumar wore in the movie Rustom will be going up for auction. The proceeds from the auction will, according to Twinkle Khanna, go towards the cause of animal welfare.

The information about the auction was first posted by Akshay Kumar himself.

Twinkle posted the same on her Instagram handle and ended up being trolled by multiple users.

The auction, being organised by the website SaltScout, has already received a Rs 5 crore bid for Akshay's naval uniform from Rustom. But this didn't go down well with some users of Instagram. Here is Twinkle's post:

And here are some of the comments on her post:

"Uniforms are For Real Hero's Who Serve Our Nation. Kindly Reconsider"

"uniform and flag represent something to be respectful of. And putting it on a bid to raise money is highly unacceptable for any cause. #stopthebid"

"This being very insensitive to the defence fraternity. Being an Army wife I know what the uniform means to a soldiers who earns it through great hardship & rigour. This uniform cant be bought by money please."

"Well even though, it’s a costume from a movie, it’s a bad idea! It somehow represents Navy. I hope it’s removed from the list of auction"

"Omg ....its a cheap initiative ,pls dont sell a navy uniform in sake of any charity!!"

Many said that a naval officer's uniform should not be auctioned because only someone worthy of wearing it should be able to own one. Others also said that it is wrong to auction a naval officer's uniform because it has a lot of pride attached to it. Others had a problem with the choice of charity being animal welfare; they believed that the bid money should go for other "more  important" causes.

Updated Date: Apr 27, 2018 18:49:14 IST