Tanushree Dutta claims she's being subjected to criminal intimidation following her sexual harassment allegation

FP Staff

Sep 29, 2018 16:31:33 IST

Following reports that Nana Patekar is in the process of sending Tanushree Dutta a legal notice, claiming that the actress had levelled false accusations of sexual harassment against him, the latter has released a statement stating that she had not received any legal notice from the former.

 Tanushree Dutta claims shes being subjected to criminal intimidation following her sexual harassment allegation

Tanushree Dutta. Image via Facebook

Tanushree further said that she was putting together a team of lawyers and advocates to defend her interests. The statement added that she was still being intimidated.

She said, "Another very important issue that this current scenario raises is how when a victim speaks up there are morally bankrupt and corrupt lawyers and advocates who come forward to defend serial harrassers and offenders for their two seconds of fame. Despite witnesses coming forward and all evidence in my support, I'm being subjected to criminal intimidation and harassment by Nana's helper."

She added, "I'm sure this guy has many skeletons in his closet too as birds of a feather always flock together. This is the story of countless millions in our country who are still waiting justice because they got dragged into a web of legal mumbo jumbo and were silenced into submission.They make a mockery of not only our judiciary but also our esteemed constitution by trying to disrupt a persons freedom of speech by such threats."

Tanushree Dutta recently opened up about an alleged sexual harassment incident, that happened 10 years ago on the sets of Horn 'OK' Pleassss, accusing Nana Patekar of inappropriate and aggressive behaviour. While choreographer Ganesh Acharya, director Rakesh Sarang and Nana Patekar have denied the allegations, journalist Janice Sequeira posted a series of tweets corroborating Tanushree's accusations. Later, Horn 'OK' Pleassss assistant director Shyni Shetty spoke to Firstpost, stating that Tanushree Dutta had walked off the set twice, which implied that something had happened.

Updated Date: Sep 29, 2018 16:31:33 IST