Nana Patekar, Ganesh Acharya, Horn OK Pleassss director and producer spun a web of lies, says Tanushree Dutta

FP Staff

Sep 28, 2018 16:32:49 IST

With Tanushree Dutta's recent claims of sexual harassment against Nana Patekar on the sets of 2009's Horn Ok Pleassss, Bollywood seems to have erupted into the debate on actresses' safety in their work environment with many celebrities coming forth to support Dutta.

Tanushree has also spoken to publications, talking about the incident and the trauma she faced as a result of it.

Nana Patekar (left) and Tanushree Dutta (right). Image from Facebook

Nana Patekar (left) and Tanushree Dutta (right). Image from Facebook

Speaking to the Mumbai Mirror, Dutta said that the only reason she refrained from taking legal action against Nana was because the actor along with Rakesh Sarang (director of Horn 'OK' Pleassss) had threatened her to not speak about the issue. She added that her shift to the US and adoption of a spiritual lifestyle was to a large extent a result of the trauma that she faced post the event. She also thwarted Sarang's claim that her demanded compensation to the Cine and Television Artistes Association (CINTAA) were met, saying, "Not true. I got no settlement, not even my payment. Even if they edited me out of the film, I should have been paid. The doors were shut for me. Nana, the director, producer and Ganesh spun a web of lies."

In an interview with NDTV she said that throughout the ten years there were several instances when her father and even her spot boy had been repeatedly called to police stations owing to the on-going police case related to the issue. It was after this prolonged time period that Dutta confesses, she left hope.

Dutta even told India Today that when on Nana's insistence, Ganesh Acharya (the choreographer on the film set) changed the dance steps to include certain inappropriate moves, he did not have the conscience to realise that he was committing a crime, "Acharya didn't even realise that he was doing something wrong in obeying Nana. The rest of the assistants were, however, shocked."

Updated Date: Sep 28, 2018 16:32:49 IST