Doctor Who: Will Kris Marshall replace Peter Capaldi as The Doctor?

FP Staff

Apr 17, 2017 14:38:04 IST

This weekend, Doctor Who kicked off its latest season starring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and welcomed new companion Bill Potts, portrayed the extremely humorous Pearlie Mack.

A still from the trailer.

Peter Capaldi as The Doctor. A still from the trailer. (Image via Youtube)

But fans know that this isn't just a standard season though (as standard as any of them are with all the timey-wimey twists and turns) as it will be the last for Capaldi in the lead role as well as Stephen Moffat as the program’s showrunner.

While the next show runner is well in place at this point, the next Doctor hasn’t been publicly revealed just yet.

However, there are rumours swirling about the next casting, with 44-year old Kris Marshall now at the top of the list of possible replacements.

According to reports from The Mirror, Marshall is such a likely replacement as the 13th doctor, that British betting house Ladbrokes has taken him off the board. The actor would be a more outside-the-box choice coming off of Capaldi’s theatrical yet thoroughly emotional run, but the rumor may have some merit seeing as Marshall left his current job on Death in Paradise earlier this year.

Bookies had been offering odds on Tilda Swinton and Olivia Colman to become the first female Doctor in Doctor Who.

But the source reveals to The Mirror, "Kris Marshall has already joined the cast and will regenerate at the end of this series, not in the Christmas special. They won't risk a woman Doctor. They want a David Tennant type."

BBC has denied the claims and insisted no casting decisions have been made.

Here's the trailer of the 10th season of Doctor Who, which premiered on 15 April:

Updated Date: Apr 17, 2017 14:38:04 IST