Court rules Ellen DeGeneres' pun on woman's name not malicious: Titi Pierce had sued the comedienne

FP Staff

Feb 18, 2017 17:00:34 IST

There's new reason for Ellen DeGeneres to dance with joy: A judge tossed out a lawsuit stemming from a breast joke made by the comedian.

DeGeneres scored a legal victory after the judge ruled there was nothing out of line about the comic jokingly pronouncing Georgia real estate agent Titi Pierce as 'Titty' during a bit on her show last year, TMZ reported.


Pierce sued the producers of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in June, asserting that 'grammar dictates' her name should be pronounced 'TEE TEE' and adding that the on-air gimmick led to harassing phone calls.

But the judge sided with DeGeneres.

"The letter 'i' in the English language can be pronounced in several ways. While Titi chooses to pronounce her name with 'e,' there is nothing demonstrably false in pronouncing it with 'i' as DeGeneres did," the judge declared, according to court documents obtained by TMZ. The 59-year-old DeGeneres — who is known for dancing throughout her NBC program — made the joke during a segment dubbed 'What's Wrong with These Signs?' The comic introduced Pierce's real estate sign, complete with her phone number, shortly after introducing another sign that read 'Nipple Convalescent Home.'

"Titty Pierce, sounds like she might have spent some time in that nipple home, I don't know," she deadpanned.

Pierce said aggravating phone calls followed, prompting her to request monetary damages as well as the removal of DeGeneres' show from air.

That won't be the case, however, and DeGeneres show remains under contract through 2020.

Updated Date: Feb 18, 2017 17:00:34 IST