articles by Sandeepa and Chetan Karkhanis


Nature Conservation Day 2019: Inside one of India's rare privately-owned eco conservation nature reserves

As migration & ghost villages grow problematic in the Garhwal Himalayas, Jabarkhet & more reserves like it can help reverse migration.


Inside Jabarkhet: One of India's rare privately-owned nature reserves has much to teach about eco conservation

At a time when migration and ghost villages are real problems in the Garhwal Himalayas, an initiative like the Jabarkhet Nature Reserve can play a vital role in reverse migration.


At Arunachal Pradesh's Basar Confluence, a celebration of Galo culture, an ecofriendly way of life

The Basar Confluence of Arunachal Pradesh provides a glimpse into the way Galo people eat, fish and practice art. The festival also focuses on causing no damage to the environment, which is central to the Galo culture


Hornbill Festival: How Nagaland's vibrant celebration of its tribes, traditions became a global event

During the Hornbill Festival, one can get a taste of the local cuisine and hear stories about the Nagaland tribes at the morungs


Zanskar: Here’s an entire valley in the heart of the Himalayas, waiting to be discovered

Zanskar is a valley in the higher Himalayas, about 250 km and an 8-hour drive from Kargil, which is its only connection to the outside world in the summer


Long term travel hacks: How we prepared to become full time travellers

Mumbai-based couple Sandeepa and Chetan Karkhanis sold their home and quit their jobs to travel full-time. Here they decode the process of how to travel long term, on a limited budget


Travels through the Amazon: Journeying through the rainforest, along Lima, Peru, Brazil

The “Amazon” was the beginning of our fascination for South America. The rainforest, its gigantic trees, queer animals and hidden tribes — it’s stuff childhood mysteries are made of. You hope to unravel it all sometime in the future. The possibility of setting foot in this mysterious world might just be one of the “subconscious” reasons why we chose South America as the first destination for our round-the-world travels.


Patagonia's wintry wonderland; skiing at Bariloche: Travels through Argentina

Sandeepa and Chetan describe their travels through Argentina and Chile in the third part of their ongoing South America travel diary for Firstpost


Tango in Argentina, Shah Rukh Khan in Bolivia, Incan culture in Peru: South America travel diary

In part two of Mumbai-based couple Sandeepa and Chetan's South America travel diary: their journey through Argentina, Bolivia and Peru


From São Paulo to Rio de Janeiro and Manaus, getting to know Brazil through its cities

When we landed in São Paulo, Brazil, little did we know that we were in for a five-month journey through South America


The full-time travellers: How serendipity became our guide to long-term travel

Mumbai-based couple Sandeepa and Chetan kept putting off their travel plans for 'sometime in the future'. Then they made a decision to live the life they really wanted, and began travelling long-term, and full-time. Read about their journey.