articles by Prakash Katoch


Rafale row: Hollande's claims could expose BJP government's double standards, endanger ties with Russia

The government may be in for a bigger crisis than the Rafale deal with the US continuing to threaten India with CAATSA sanctions, especially ahead of Vladimir Putin’s India visit in October when the S-400 Triumf deal is expected to be possibly inked


Imran Khan writes to Narendra Modi: Pakistan laughing at India's pussyfooting as NDA repeats UPA's mistakes

Pakistan would be quite amused at the anniversary celebrations of 'Surgical Strikes Day'


Pakistan General Elections: ISI, military 'chose' Imran Khan to lead country because PML-N, PPP were difficult to manipulate

Imran Khan is the best pick for the ISI though he has never held a government post. His elevation would help the military manipulate the Pashtun uprising, while his ties with the Taliban and personal anti-India views are an added advantage


Narendra Modi govt should revamp education system to instil discipline and nationalism in youth, not focus on military training

According to media reports, the Narendra Modi government is planning to train 10 lakh youth under the National Youth Empowerment Scheme (N-YES) to instil a sense of "discipline and nationalism" and making that an essential qualification for jobs in defence, paramilitary forces and police


Release of surgical strikes video footage is nothing but political skulduggery for upcoming 2019 polls

It is time to stop politicising the surgical strikes across the Line of Control (LoC) and the special forces.


BJP-PDP alliance ends in Kashmir: State now needs dynamic governance, 'Operation All-Out II' to curb unchecked militancy

What Jammu and Kashmir requires now is good governance and 'Operation All Out-II', to restore normalcy and bring the level of militancy to required levels.


Shujaat Bukhari murder, recent violence in Kashmir highlights fallacy of lauding success of Ramzan ceasefire

That the Ramzan ceasefire would provide ample opportunity to terrorists in Kashmir to regroup was a foregone conclusion, cautioned but ignored.


UNHCR report on Kashmir is low on facts and a likely product of China-Pakistan connivance

India has also informed the UNHCR of its deep concern over individual prejudices being allowed to undermine the credibility of a UN institution


Government's lateral hiring a political move for 2019 elections, will do little to raise efficiency in bureaucracy

In its lateral hiring announcement, the Modi government left out the defence ministry.


Rajnath Singh's announcement on new battalions in Jammu and Kashmir serves little purpose except political posturing

Rajnath Singh’s announcement on forming nine new battalions in Jammu and Kashmir may be useful in elections, but will not serve much of a purpose beyond that.


Govt's decision to open military cantonments endangers national security, empowers corrupt defence estates

Nirmala Sitharanman's unilateral order to open all 62 military cantonments to public evoked plenty of euphoria and victory parades by certain MPs and MLAs.


To solve Kashmir conundrum, India needs political will to carry 'irregular war' into enemy territory

India needs the political will to carry the irregular war fought in Jammu and Kashmir into enemy territory, not mere talking of ‘surgical strikes’ for electoral purposes


Narendra Modi-Vladimir Putin informal summit: An exercise aimed at resetting bilateral ties, timed for strategic balance

Narendra Modi needed to reset India's relations with Russia, while simultaneously balancing India's ties to the US. This is what Sochi Summit was aimed at.


China begins mining near Arunachal border: Beijing's quest for resources, land sets up clash with New Delhi

China’s hunger for natural resources, minerals and energy are well known: Which it is ruthlessly pursuing in its own territory and abroad.


Shopian school bus pelted: Outrage serves little purpose, addressing radicalisation in Valley need of hour

The Kashmir Valley, and south Kashmir, in particular have plunged into the throes of radicalisation.


Dissent of Twinkle Khanna's auction of Akshay Kumar's Rustom naval costume is naive and misplaced

There is a difference between a uniform a soldier wears and a duplicate or a costume that Akshay Kumar wore in Rustom.


Narendra Modi-Xi Jinping meet: Discussions don't mean much unless China aligns its actions with words

The six meetings between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and President Xi Jinping had all the trappings of what the Chinese call Tǎng zài hóng dìtǎn shàng – laying on the red carpet.


Narendra Modi to meet Xi Jinping: 'Reset' in India-China ties must be viewed in context of Beijing's track record

No agenda has been announced for the Modi-Xi meet, but discussions could include Doka La, peace along the LAC, China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), India’s NSG membership, trade and commerce, Chinese investments in India and more


India must be wary of Chinese threat via Nepal; ignoring Beijing's intelligence infiltration is at New Delhi's own peril

Chinese are past masters in pushing their anti-India agenda via Nepal in a manner that KP Oli can do little about. New Delhi must remain wary of the threat.


Col Hunny Bakshi case reveals how UPA-II misled nation; govt must step in to shatter syndicate compromising Indian forces

The Colonel Hunny Bakshi case offers a chance for Narendra Modi to shatter the syndicate that compromised India's national security