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Kala Azar in India: Patients detected with PKDL, skin manifestation of the disease, say treatment is unbearable

From the epidemiological perspective, PKDL has to be treated promptly as it acts as a reservoir of the leishmaniasis parasite that causes Kala Azar.


Kala Azar and its subsequent skin manifestation, PKDL, shattered these women's lives, left them with uncertainty, stigma

Kala Azar is characterised by irregular bouts of fever, weight loss, enlargement of the spleen and liver that shows up as a pot belly in the patient, and anaemia.


PKDL, the skin manifestation of Kala Azar, could be a major roadblock in the elimination of the disease

Kala Azar is a neglected disease and is characterised by bouts of fever, weight loss, anaemia, and an enlargement of the spleen and liver that shows up as a pot belly


How Idukki in Kerala is leading by example in the fight against TB, and winning

Kerala's strategy has implications for all of India, which has the world's largest TB burden.


Oral polio vaccine contamination has doctors concerned due to shortage of safer injectable options

The contamination of oral polio vaccine has increased concerns among doctors because of the constant shortage of a safer injectable polio vaccine.


Private Healthcare in India Part III: Enforcing Clinical Establishment Act, capping drug costs can help regulate, reduce hospital bills

Clinical Establishment Act requires the Centre to set a range of rates for healthcare services. But neither the central nor any state govt has done so.


Private Healthcare in India Part II: Govt caps price of medicine, stents, consumables but industry finds way around it

"It is clear that for higher margins, doctors/hospitals preferred prescribing and dispensing non-scheduled branded medicines instead of scheduled medicines ..(that) are supposed to cover all essential medicines," the report said.


Private Healthcare in India Part I: Artificially-inflated cost of medicine, consumables make non-govt hospitals inaccessible to most

Inflated medical bills, artificially increased costs of medical supplies and consumables have hampered access to private healthcare in India.