Pokémon Go will officially hit iOS and Android in July

The augmented reality game will be available on your smartphone in July with certain features coming in future updates

The augmented reality smartphone game 'Pokémon Go' finally got an official launch timeline when Nintendo announced the same during its E3 2016 live stream. The game will roll out in July, although the date for the launch has not been confirmed. The Pokémon Go Plus, and optional wearable device that will aid you during your gameplay, will also be arriving for $34.99, but later.

If you haven't been following, then Pokémon Go is a one of its kind augmented reality game that lets you catch virtual Pokémon spread out all around in the real world using your smartphone’s camera. The Pokémon Go Plus connects to your phone via Bluetooth and gives you alerts on various game events and more.

Nintendo has been working on this game with Niantic, the makers of Android game Ingress, and has confirmed that the game is not fully ready yet and some of the features will be missing when the game is made available for download. For instance trading of Pokémon with your friends will not be available, but the feature will arrive at a later period. The company also announced that there will be special rewards where users will get "candy" to evolve their Pokémon into their next form.

Pokémon Go will eventually be connected to the rest of the Pokémon universe and some kind of connectivity feature between Pokémon Go and the upcoming 3DS games Pokémon Sun and Moon is also a possibility.