Celebrating sisterhood: Welcoming a new tradition, this Raksha Bandhan


This word has many meanings and evokes a variety of emotions in women across ages. But nothing can put into words the experience of having that someone, a sister who's always there for you. The best part is, she can be anyone! Your real sister, your colleague, a friend, your boss, or your house help; whether you’re related to her or not doesn't take away from the solidarity you feel with each other.

How else can you explain those fights over the most trivial things, sharing your most intimate secrets, supporting each other through ups and downs like a concrete pillar, being the shoulder in distress and the elated high-fives in joy, and...the list goes on!

In short, sisterhood is one of the strongest bonds between women, and it deserves to be celebrated. So this Raksha Bandhan let’s put a twist to tradition and celebrate this bond with your sister, who doesn't actually need to be your sister! Because sisterhood is beyond relationships; it's a bond for the ages.

Take a look at this beautiful video that celebrates sisterhood!

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Updated Date: Aug 14, 2019 11:30:41 IST