As 2016 comes to an end, a look back at the bizarre developments from the year

If there’s one thing that you can say with any certainty at this point, it is that 2016 was a tough year.
The news, almost every single month this year, brought us something shocking.

Now imagine being on the other side of the computer — not the side from where you sit and read/consume news, but from the end where that news is published for you. Think back over the year it’s been, and then start to read this.

As a multimedia producer in a news organization, I sit here, as another great artist, performer, face leaves for the stars, and the newsroom shouts it out. It is not always ‘fun’ knowing something first.

This was the year threw up things so bizarre, we’ll take them to our hard disks: From ‘pens’ and ‘pineapples’ coming together to form hit lyrics, to someone we saw on reality TV get elected to the top job in the world’s leading superpower.


Meanwhile, our entertainment industry offered its own share of the bizarre:


From the Panama Papers and Amitabh Bachchan, to the Kangana Ranaut-Hrithik Roshan controversy… oh, our shutterbugs even sat perched in trees, surviving on one vada pav a day, all in order to photograph a now-legal-troubles-free Salman Khan.

While a series of catastrophes shook the world, Mumbai's Powai Lake became the site for more of the bizarre. Even as illegal houseboats drifted about its waters, serving as a party hotspot for youngsters, the civic body turned a blind eye to the irregularities — only sitting up after three people drowned after a mishap.

This was the year when I wondered how photographer Mahmoud Raslan sleeps after having photographed the five-year-old who has become the face of Syria and its demise.

‘Love trumps hate’ — this is what I was told, by a sister who wants to come out and is not scared that the country she lives in doesn’t allow it. Love trumps hate, is what I was told by my team-leader when we saw the pictures from Aleppo, Syria, come in. Love trumps hate, is what I was told when Vardah happen in the same country as Marathwada.

I hope it does: I hope love does trumps hate.

As ‘Land Of Gold’ by Anoushka Shankar plays in the background, I say:

“Tell them I walked, tell them I walked
Tell them I walked, your way.”

Updated Date: Dec 31, 2016 13:51:21 IST