Watch: Trailers for The Beach Bum, Wildlife, Her Smell, BoJack Horseman Season 5, Camping unveiled

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Sep 08, 2018 14:23:14 IST

With many interesting film and television releases up ahead, viewers are sure to witness some amazing narratives on-screen. Here's a look at the trailers of some of them.

The Beach Bum

Written and directed by Harmony Korine, this film charts the journey of Moondog (played by Matthew McConaughey), a rebel of sorts who takes on life with complete abandon. Also featuring Isla Fisher, Zac Efron, Jonah Hill, Jimmy Buffett, Snoop Dogg, the film depicts how Moondog's no holds barred attitude affects everyone around him. Inebriated and drugged almost all the time, Moondog says at a juncture, "Life's a f**king rodeo. I'm gonna suck the nectar out of it and f**k it raw 'til the wheels come off".

The Beach Bum will is scheduled to hit theaters on 22 March.

Watch the trailer here.

Her Smell

Her Smell, featuring Elizabeth Moss in the lead, is set to make its world premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival. The teaser shows Moss as a self destructive musician spewing her hurt, criticism and negativity on her mother and band mates, as a hand-held camera follows her into the dark green rooms backstage. Disheveled and battered, Moss' Becky seems like a person internally crying out for help. Penned by Alex Ross Perry, Her Smell also features Cara Delevingne and Amber Heard.

Watch the trailer here.


Wildlife, featuring Jake Gyllenhaal, Carey Mulligan and Ed Oxenbould, is an adaptation of Richard Ford’s acclaimed 1990 novel. The trailer sees a family, slowly crumbling and falling to pieces while each member still tries to hold on to the remaining threads. Mulligan, in an almost haunting performance, portrays the unloved woman who takes on other men while all the way talking to her son about his father's 'affair' (as she perceives it). In a harrowing depiction of a household falling apart, it's the son Joe's responsibility to try and keep them together.

Watch the trailer here.

BoJack Horseman Season 5

A fifth installment to the popular Netflix series BoJack Horseman deals with BoJack still trying to better himself as a person. BoJack's eternal quest to find the hidden 'inner good' in him has been the series' USP for a long time, making it one of the most powerful yet disturbing shows. This season, Horseman is on a definitive (or not) journey to rectification. But, he does not 'know how'. Every time he takes a step towards helping someone out or doing something noble, he seems to retract at the very last second. Season 5 may well be his season of redemption.

BoJack Horseman Season 5 begins airing on Netflix from 14 September.

Watch the trailer here.


HBO's limitied series Camping features Kathryn (Jennifer Garner) as an exceptionally controlling individual who has planned her husband's (played by David Tennant) 45th birthday with a camping tour. But her husband and his group of friends seem to be in no mood to follow her itinerary of bird watching or any other activity she has planned. Garner's Kathryn scowls and winces as the people around her gradually rub off her wrong side. At a juncture in the trailer, her husband justifies her behaviour claiming, "She's mentally quite sound," only to receive a scoff from the opposite end. Created by Girls showrunners Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner, Camping premieres on 14 October.

Watch the trailer here.

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