Watch: Kunal Kapoor's poem against women trafficking exposes society's dark underbelly

FP Staff

Jun,11 2017 16:24:06 IST

"How do you cremate a body that has constantly been cremated from within?"

Screengrab from YouTube.

Kunal Kapoor reciting the poem. Screengrab from YouTube.

Between all the irrelevant Twitter wars and Throwback Thursdays, Bollywood actor Kunal Kapoor came forward to create buzz on social media for all the right reasons. UnErase Poetry, a community that promotes and produces spoken word poetry, shared a video of Kapoor reciting a poem bringing to light the state of women who are left to fend for themselves in the toxic underbelly of our society.

Although Kapoor brilliantly brings the words to life by evoking the right amount of emotion, the words have been penned by Mohammed Sadriwala, Navaldeep Singh and Simar Singh.

Kapoor starts reciting the poem. He is accompanied by a guitarist who strums the guitar slowly, giving pace to a poem that will make you stop and think of the women who sell their bodies everyday to survive.  Kapoor begins his poem by saying, “Every night when you drive back home, you cross that road where love is sold.” With every word, the grim reality of the situation will get to you.

The video also reveals that in India, a women is forced into sexual slavery every three minutes. What's worse is that only one percent of these girls are ever rescued. Needless to say, the situation needs our intervention. Society's negligence has only exacerbated the issue so far.

Watch the video here:


Updated Date: Jun 11, 2017 16:36 PM