Star Wars actor John Boyega on inclusion rider: 'We are redefining and reshaping the industry'


Mar,18 2018 16:38:32 IST

LondonStar Wars actor John Boyega says he completely supports inclusion rider and is excited about "redefining and reshaping" the film industry.

John Boyega in a Star Wars promo

John Boyega in a Star Wars promo

The inclusion clause aims to promote diversity in casting and crew memberships. The term became popular after Frances McDormand sparked interest in it when she concluded her Oscars best actress acceptance speech by saying, "I have two words to leave with you tonight, ladies and gentlemen: inclusion rider."

"We are redefining and reshaping the industry at the moment. A lot of the secret rules of Hollywood are unfounded and unlawful so to start including them (inclusion riders) makes our industry better. Those who wish to defy (using inclusion riders), they're held accountable. So for me, I love that it's happening," Boyega told Newsbeat.

Updated Date: Mar 18, 2018 16:38 PM