RJ Malishka highlights plight of Mumbaikars during monsoons in new song, questions authorities

FP Staff

July 17, 2018 20:02:27 IST

After taking a dig at the authorities for ill maintenance of highways in the viral 2017 song 'Mumbai Tula BMC Var Bharso Naye Ka', RJ Malishka is back with another stinging track. Dubbed 'Monsoon Song with Malishka', the track lists out the problems faced by Mumbaikars during the monsoons every year and the government's lack of action.

RJ Malishka in the song. Image from Facebook/Red FM

RJ Malishka in the song. Image from Facebook/Red FM

The video features Malishka dancing to a revamped version of the popular Marathi song 'Zingaat' with new lyrics. She is also joined by a couple of her Red FM colleagues in the video. With ample references to pothole-riddled roads, unsafe bridges and poor drainage system, the 'Monsoon Song with Malishka' highlights the plight of Mumbaikars in the face of dismal infrastructure. The refrain hilariously manages to drive the point home and literally translates to: "Mumbai has fallen into a pothole (Geli geli geli Mumbai khadyaat)". The problem is further magnified by paper clippings and photographs of several parts of Mumbai during the rains, some completely submerged.

Last year, Malishka was sent a legal notice by the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation for dengue mosquito breeding at her Pali Naka house. The notice came shortly after she released the controversial video which threw light on the body's repeated ill-preparedness during the months of monsoon.

 Watch the video below:

Updated Date: Jul 17, 2018 20:02 PM