MOM review: Sridevi, Nawazuddin Siddiqui weave an intensely gripping story

Renil Abraham

Jul,06 2017 19:31:08 IST

MOM starts with an ever-so-stunning Devaki (Sridevi) walking into a class room as a teacher, in the same school where her step-daughter Arya studies.

The scene involves a part where a boy in class sends a porn video to Arya and Sridevi confiscates the phone. There's charm and beauty in Sridevi's eyes hasn't diminished one bit.

The poster for MOM.

Her family life is a little complicated with a teenager in the house, who is also her step-daughter.

Funnily enough, Sridevi makes a come back every 3-4 years, and always to our pleasant surprise.

It's exciting how an actor who is 300 movies old keeps reinventing herself with every movie she does.

The relationship between Devaki and Arya is strained. Arya still hasn't accepted Devaki has her mother despite relentless efforts from Devaki's end. Taking permission from her stepmother isn't her favourite, so she routes everything through her father. This is the same when it comes to a Valentine's night college party, which is happening at a farm house faraway from home.

At the party, a mishap and fight with some boys from her school leads to abduction and gang-rape. Arya gets thrown away in a drain after.

She then gets admitted in a hospital, and gives a statement identifying the rapists, but because of a medical report which claims Arya had 0.08 % alcohol in her body, her report became invalid. The accused also gets to walk scot free because of lack of evidence.

In this situation Devaki sets out to take revenge. The plot is very close to the recent Raveena Tandon starter, Maatr. 

Not to sound like a Sridevi loyalist, but give me anything with her face in it, and I have no doubt in her ability to emote.

The character that she plays is strong, strained and is in a very tricky relationship with her teenage daughter. Sridevi plays this to perfection. Her impressive screen presence is something that one gets to see rarely.

Nawazuddin Siddique sports an extremely interesting look and plays the role of a secret detective. He has a very eerie vibe to him. He works closely with Devaki in her process of revenge.

The second half has Devaki taking revenge one by one. She punishes three out of four and all this is done for Arya to see that the rapists get their due punishments, which she does. This brings in a lot of change in her and she starts slowing come back into normalcy.

Nawaz as the private detective impresses incredibly in the second half. Akshaye Khanna plays a CBI inspector, and fits the role. Especially since he's been playing the brooding cop role for a while now.

There's no doubt about this. Mom has some stellar performances. However, while the story is strong and gripping, it's not unique, it's not new. I can't help but point out similarities with Maatr.

MOM can be underwhelming in bits. Do stellar performances add up to a great movie? No. The basic foundation that holds the whole movie together is the story, and that's where the problem lies here. With the foundation in trouble, it's not very difficult for the whole skeleton to fall.

This is a story that I have seen multiple times, in different ways.

While Sridevi and Nawaz deliver excellent performances, the plot and the story is line is too feeble. A mother taking revenge against the rapists of her step daughter — now that's a meaty plot if we were in 2005.

Having said that, it's exciting to see Nawaz and Sridevi together, sharing extraordinary screen space.

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Updated Date: Jul 06, 2017 20:50 PM