Manoj Bajpayee on The Firstpost Show: Find it annoying to work with child actors

FP Staff

Aug,04 2016 16:40:32 IST

Manoj Bajpayee's upcoming film Budhia Singh Born to Run is all set to release on Friday, 5 August. The actor is excited about the film where he plays the role of Birachi Das, the coach of Budhia Singh, a child marathoner from Odissa.

Chatting up with Firstpost ahead of the film's release he shared his experience working on the film. He says he has been lucky to have got two good films this year – Aligarh and Budhia Singh Born to Run.

When asked what the audience should take away from the film, he vehemently answered, "Passion – passion for running, passion for the ability God has given you."

During the interview he confessed that he doesn't like to work with child actors as their tantrums bring the entire shoot to a standstill. "It has happened with me during Shool and Swami. But during the shoot of Budhia Singh, the child came to the set as a co-star. Only once did he cry when he mistook my anger to be real during a scene," he says.

He cracks up and says, "If I pretend to be angry I can make many people cry."

Apart from the film, he spoke about other things like his reason to not look into the mirror, his connect with Mehboob Studios in Mumbai and even shares his 'dirty' secret.



Updated Date: Aug 04, 2016 17:54 PM