Loveratri actor Aayush Sharma travelled across Gujarat for the film; picked up local lingo, slangs

FP Staff

Jul 19, 2018 18:05:50 IST

Actors Aayush Sharma and Warina Hussain, who are marking their debut with Salman Khan's Loveratri will be essaying the roles of Gujaratis in the film. To perfect the accent and mannerisms of a native of the state,  Aayush travelled to several places in Gujarat.

A still from Loveratri. Image via Facebook

A still from Loveratri. Image via Facebook

"My director Abhiraj was very certain about understanding how the people in the Gujarati community are. He did not want to make the character a caricature. A lot of times we make characters from different regions very loud with exaggerated accents in a bid to be authentic. I didn't want to sound over the  top, so we decided that I should go to Gujarat.” Ayush said.

During the recce for the shoot of Loveratri, Aayush went to Ahmedabad and Baroda and interacted with the youth there to understand and imbibe their  lifestyle and culture.

Aayush further stated that after visiting Gujarat, he noticed that there was no pronounced local accent. "They talk exactly the way anybody in Mumbai would speak Hindi. What they do have is local slang words and keywords that a Gujarati person would use in conversation. That is typical of every city and that is what I picked up. The character needs to sound authentic  at the end of the day.”

The Abhiraj Minawala directorial is a love story that develops over the festivities of Navratri and it all set to hit the theatres on 5 October.

Updated Date: Jul 19, 2018 18:06:51 IST