Cher's life to be made into a musical, will hit Broadway in 2018


Jun,07 2017 21:14:11 IST

New York: Singer-actress Cher has announced that a musical on her life is all set to hit the Broadway in 2018.

Cher. Image from Getty Images.

Cher. Image from Getty Images.

Cher made the announcement on Twitter on Tuesday, reports Hollywood Reporter.

"Just got off phone with writer and director of musical. There will be performance in theatre with actors, dancers, singer. It'll be on Broadway 2018," Cher tweeted.

Jason Moore, who previously directed the stage musical Avenue Q, will direct the show, based on the singer's life and career.

A notice by Playbill, that organises shows, read: "In this production, the characters of Babe, Lady, and Star represent Cher at different moments of her life — starting as a teenager who falls for Sonny Bono (Babe), a successful music star navigating the challenges of the entertainment industry (Lady) and the lady we know today with a fascinating wealth of life experience, successes, and failures (Star)."

Updated Date: Jun 07, 2017 21:14 PM