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Decoding Aaron Sorkin: A 'competence porn' expert with a possible 'woman problem'

Aaron Sorkin is one of the best screenwriters in Hollywood and writes extremely smart characters. But does he have a problem writing strong women characters?

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How OnePlus phones became everyone’s Apple iPhone

OnePlus fanboys want the new OnePlus every year and if they can’t afford to buy one themselves, they sure as hell will tell you how stupid you are for not buying one.


Avengers: Infinity War crosses $1 billion mark; are box office numbers best gauge of film's success?

Avengers: Infinity War is making a ridiculous amount of money, but one must look at the investment made and the drop in collections before judging the film on numbers alone.


Bhavesh Joshi Superhero won't be Gujarati Black Panther but kudos to Vikramaditya Motwane for experimenting

As far the Indian superhero movie genre goes, suffice to say that the 1987 Anil Kapoor-starrer Mr India is yet to be surpassed in terms of quality and enjoyability.


Pep Guardiola's success at Manchester City a result of continuation of Barcelona tactics with a few tweaks

An upgrade Guardiola's City team has over Barcelona is in the speed of attack. City presses harder than Barcelona did and breaks down a lot of the opposition’s attacks in midfield.


Premier League: Pep Guardiola’s title-winning Manchester City a 100-rated dream FIFA squad brought to life

Fast and unrelenting, Manchester City were the best passing team in the league by a mile and at the heart of it was a wonderful midfield partnership.


Dev.D’s music revisited: Amit Trivedi’s greatest work showed us how much a soundtrack can elevate a movie

The modern setting with drugs supplementing the alcohol, the ripping-off of newspaper headlines for the story and the extra layers to Chandramukhi’s character made this Devdas accessible to a generation dealing with entirely new demons.


Chris Rock: Tamborine review — Comedian stays true to irreverent brand of humour but fails to be funny

In today’s attention-deficit world, while Chris Rock can get the audience in the door, the disappointing material means that they will leave, and fast.


Ricky Gervais: Humanity review — The atheist messiah returns in peak form for a divisive yet entertaining stand-up special

Most comedians flirt with irreverence in their acts but for Ricky Gervais, that is where his comedy starts. And frankly, it is tough to say where it ends.


Ten years since The Wire finale: Mix of gritty story and fantastic characterisation made this a perfect TV show

The Wire proved once and for all that we love anti-heroes. We want complexity, we want twists and we want people to die.


Jordan Peele's Oscar-winning Get Out is not just a horror film; it's a treasure trove of subtle symbols, cool homages

Get Out is a worthy Best Original Screenplay winner as Jordan Peele peppers the story-driven film with Easter eggs, homages and really clever writing.


Oscars 2018: Lady Bird and the hype machine — How excessive buildup spoilt Greta Gerwig's coming-of-age charmer

For a primarily story-driven movie like Lady Bird, with no over-the-top performances and no major plot twists, the weight of the hype simply kills it.


The Grand Tour season 2 review: Does not being binge-able make this a 'bad' show?

The Grand Tour is no one’s idea of great television. It is not peak TV, it is not high art. But that doesn't mean it's a bad show.


Joseph Gordon-Levitt starrer (500) Days of Summer remains an immensely relatable film on love, fate and break-ups

When the 500 days of Summer are finally over, you will have a smile on your face and hope in your heart. And most days, that is all you really need.


ASEAN leaders to attend Republic Day parade: A look at the numbers behind India's relations with the bloc

India will host ASEAN leaders at a commemorative summit on January 25. Here are some numbers which illustrate how significant the region is for India.


Step Sisters review: This Netflix film bites off more than what it can possibly chew as a dance drama

Step Sisters is a movie that should have appealed to a bunch of different people. And yet it fails to appeal to anyone at all.


Liverpool vs Manchester City preview: Clash of Premier League's most entertaining teams promises goal-fest

Both Liverpool and City are attacking teams for whom defence is an afterthought and this match could be the most entertaining league game of the season.


Black Mirror season 4 conforms to San Junipero formula: Netflix show ceases to surprise with its signature darkness

Unfortunately, Black Mirror 4 has taken upon itself to redeem humans. And in doing that it has lost out on something that was crucial in making it special.


Shaitaan Haveli review: Varun Thakur's show could have been flawless but for its unnecessarily long run time

The story of Varun Thakur's Amazon show Shaitaan Haveli merited a six-episode run (in our opinion) and had it ended there, it might well have been one of the better things on Indian TV.


Pakistan, China, North Korea: Donald Trump has broken from norm as he transforms US foreign policy in an isolationist one

When Donald Trump became President, it was unclear just exactly how he would handle being the most powerful man in the world. Now it is terrifyingly clear.