articles by Milind Deora and Sanaa Bhutani


Kathua, Unnao rape cases: Death penalty is reactionary step, urgent need is to address regressive, victim-blaming culture

The government responded to protests over the Kathua and Unnao rape cases by introducing harsher punishments. But it is social mindsets that must change.


Dalits, Muslims in India need leaders who can champion their rights despite backlash from hegemonic forces

Leaders don’t have to be Muslim or Dalit to espouse their cause. Perhaps, a true sign of democracy and progress in India would be a nationwide Hindu leader championing equality and rights for Muslims, or a Brahmin leader fighting to abolish the caste system


Milind Deora column: SC's passive euthanasia verdict a welcome step to giving everyone right to die with dignity

The 538-page verdict and its guidelines are articulate and unambiguous, which is a big boon for Parliament to legislate and draft a law honouring the SC’s mandate.


Transgender Persons Bill: Even if Parliament makes it law, Section 377 will ensure discrimination continues

An important bill to be discussed in this session is The Transgender Persons (Protection of Rights) Bill, 2016.


Politicising gender detracts from our ability to frame neutral, equitable laws

Unfortunately, our judgment of right and wrong can often be biased by gender, rather than being embedded in factual accuracy or a moral framework.


Mumbai University should learn from result fiasco, restore crumbling system and students' faith

Reform is essential, particularly in light of Mumbai University’s unbridled inefficiencies, but not at the cost of such disruption.