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Milind Deora Column: For real electoral reform, Election Commission should focus on financial transparency, its own independence

The need of the hour is for the Election Commission to implement reforms and measures to streamline its processes on an urgent basis, particularly in light of the forthcoming 2019 general elections.


Milind Deora column: Karnataka result shows Congress must create concrete strategies for change, vague blueprint of ideas will not work

The Congress must create and disseminate a narrative to counter that of the BJP. It must create concrete strategies for change and communicate them.


Milind Deora column: Maharashtra's plastic ban is just the beginning, more needs to be done for environment

While plastic is immensely useful in certain industries, it is equally wasteful and damaging in others.


Milind Deora column: IndiGo's woes show we need to holistically reexamine aviation safety, foster a culture of consumer responsibility

Indigo's woes warrant a holistic examination of aviation safety in the country, particularly in terms of aircraft security and passenger behaviour.


PNB scam: India is better off with inefficient PSBs than private sector's greed that led to global financial crisis

While debating over the privatisation of public sector banks, we must remember that India was cushioned from the 2007-08 global financial crisis because public sector banks commanded about 70.5 percent market share in the country

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Milind Deora column: SpaceX's Falcon Heavy launch sets the stage for India with new opportunities

SpaceX is merely the beginning, and we can expect to witness a massive industry for space exploration to bloom in the next couple of decades.


Milind Deora column: Govt missed chance to reduce generation of, if not eliminate black money in Budget 2018

It would have served this government well to have announced realistic and permanent structural changes in the Budget that would reduce, if not entirely eliminate, the generation of black money.


Milind Deora column: India should not lose sight of long-term economic interests amid anti-China, anti-Pakistan jingoism

Our general demeanour towards China has been one of steady disengagement, and we’re only hurting our country and the economy in the process, writes former Union minister Milind Deora.


Milind Deora column: Govt must act to protect Aadhaar data, not brush aside its vulnerability

Aadhaar has now entered a controversial territory, and its perception has morphed from a data-driven public service to connotations of an all-encompassing, Big Brother-esque, almost voyeuristic intrusion into the private lives of citizens.


Milind Deora column: As low interests hit savings, Union Budget should ensure economic security for senior citizens

The state should ideally encourage and incentivise young people to invest in public equities through mutual funds.


2G spectrum scam verdict: CAG report was used by BJP, AAP to create a grossly sensationalised public spectacle

CAG report provided the impetus for all to turn the situation into a grossly sensationalised public spectacle and fabricate a 2G scam.


Gujarat Election: Narendra Modi's reluctance to talk about development as poll issue shows BJP is apprehensive

By using tactics of deflection and obfuscation such as the alleged Hardik Patel sex CD, BJP has made it apparent that it's sensing a problem in winning the Gujarat elections


Padmavati controversy: Creative expression stifled by fear marks road to cultural decline

As a society, it should be unacceptable to us that rewards have been declared for anyone who beheads Padmavati director Sanjay Leela Bhansali and lead actress Deepika Padukone


Milind Deora column: A biased media is better than news outlets gagged by authoritative governments

The trend in Indian politics that coerces journalists to toe a certain line and to become lapdogs for the government in power is far more damaging to free speech in the country.


Milind Deora column: India, US must focus on 'policy' to counter China's rising influence; end traditional fixations

While America is fixated with Russia and North Korea, India is fixated with Pakistan, but in the process, both democracies are not addressing the elephant in the room, ie, China


Milind Deora Column: Narendra Modi's Cabinet reshuffle neither rewards performance nor penalises incompetence

The latest reshuffle in Narendra Modi's Cabinet on Sunday does not seem to reward performance or punish deficiency.


Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh like-godmen breed a cult phenomenon preying on innocent people

Legally and constitutionally, there may be no recourse against godmen unless they commit crimes as heinous as Ram Rahim,


Milind Deora column: India has a long way to go before turning Uniform Civil Code into reality

Uniform Civil Code (UCC) has assumed severely controversial connotations in the Indian context, largely due to the politicization of the debate and the complex dynamics of religion and socio-cultural identity that operate within the country.


Milind Deora Column: Gorakhpur tragedy reflects perils of ignoring real issues and voting along religious, ethnic lines

Gorakhpur tragedy shows that we as a nation fail to focus on issues that matter and vote our representatives along religious, ethnic and linguistic lines.


Milind Deora column: Low lending rates don't mean much; we stigmatise debt while 'king of debt' is US President

Lower interest rates incentivise investments in public equities, leading to lowered dependence on short-term money from foreign institutional investors