articles by Charu Bahri


Ram Nath Kovind to be the next president: Dalit leaders voice their expectations, say president-elect must speak for community

Two decades on, for the second time in the history of India, a Dalit — who is also a longstanding BJP leader and former governor of Bihar — Ram Nath Kovind, has been elected to the highest office. Is this a sign that the welfare of Dalits is a key government priority?


Rahul Gandhi has a good chance to revive Congress' fortunes but he must not squander it

A reputation to deliver would have stood Rahul in good stead when he sought votes for the Congress from an electorate that has moved on from judging leaders through the ideological lens.


Genetically modified mustard no solution for India’s Rs 64,000 crore edible oil import bill, low farm income

Pushing farmers to grow oilseeds again will mean making the crop as attractive as cotton, one of its main competitors for requiring similar agro-climatic conditions.


Cow vigilantism won't protect bovine species, we need to cultivate demand for farm animals

India’s biggest cattle loss is the male of the species. today India’s most vulnerable cattle are males born to dairy farmers who have no use for them.


Kota's student suicides: Parents, don't stress your kids or impose your dreams on them

Tanya Rana, 19, a medical school aspirant enrolled with a coaching institute in Kota, hung herself on 20 January, 2017, leaving Dhruv Dev Rana, her father, clueless about her extreme step. She left no suicide note.