articles by Aatish Nath


How Indian restaurant industry could embrace design-led solutions to social distancing post-coronavirus lockdown

With new social distancing norms being implemented, we asked how SKID's Shweta Kaushik sees restaurants having to change their design and layouts to keep diners six feet apart.


Fetch the Bolt Cutters review: Fiona Apple’s fifth studio album is cathartic, unfeigned and utterly unique

By the time Fetch the Bolt Cutters is through its 52-minute run time, the listener comes out restored – as Fiona Apple has purged herself of her feelings and taken us along on the journey.


How chef Floyd Cardoz shaped Indian cuisine, from his New York restaurant Tabla to Mumbai's The Bombay Canteen

What’s often overlooked is how Floyd Cardoz opened the doors for Indian cuisine to move beyond immigrant food and into the world of fine-dining. Chefs like Vikas Khanna and Srijith Gopinath have become increasingly visible in the US with both winning accolades, including from Michelin for their respective eateries. These doors have been opened thanks to Cardoz’s patience and ability to clearly explain the nuances that ground Indian food to the outside world.


Rajat Parr, the Calcutta born sommelier turned winemaker, talks about his journey: 'Was just trying to be more in touch with nature'

Rajat Parr, Calcutta-born winemaker, was recently back in the country to introduce selections from the three vineyards in which he is co-founder — California-based Sandhi and Domaine de la Côte and Evening Land (which is located in Oregon).


In Beach House's new album 7, the Baltimore-based duo evokes ethereal dreams, blurred thoughts and memories

Spanning 47 minutes, Beach House's 7 manages to evoke many moods, going from the languorous to the dense, the melancholic to the introspective. The scale of emotions that the album takes you on is great, from the highest of highs to some necessary lows.


When I Get Home album review: Solange celebrates blackness and offers a glimpse into her mind

With When I Get Home, Solange wants to celebrate her heritage. This album seems to track, honour and memorialise the black American experience for an audience of black Americans


With Assume Form, James Blake delivers his most honest musical statement to date

On Assume Form, James Blake gives listeners the most fully realised statement since bursting onto the scene.


Araku coffee, a brand from the Eastern Ghats that won acclaim in France, is making its way home

Named after the region in Andhra Pradesh where the beans are sourced from, Araku coffee has a distinctly French ethos


Celebrity chef Marco Pierre White on winning Michelin stars, sharing knowledge, discovering India’s culinary diversity

Marco Pierre White, who was the youngest (and first Englishman) to be awarded three Michelin stars is in Mumbai for a weekend as part of the fourth annual World on a Plate festival.


Steven Spurrier on his memoir, vintage wines and the future of the industry in India

Last week, Steven Spurrier, the British wine expert was in Mumbai to release his new book, Wine – A Way of Life.


Honey album review: Swedish singer Robyn is back with ecstatic escapism and moving lyrics

The lyrics of Robyn's new album Honey oscillate between playful and heart-breaking, and the music spans genres — house, samba and more


St Vincent's stripped-down MassEducation offers a chance for an intimate reading of her impeccable songcraft

St Vincent's MassEducation takes the songs from last year's neon and latex themed Masseduction and flips them into unplugged dirges that allow listeners to marvel at the underlying songcraft.


Yves Tumor's Safe in the Hands of Love transcends genres to offer an immersive listen

Yves Tumor's new album, Safe in the Hands of Love, is a progression, while also serving to take Tumor closer to radio-friendly alt-rock.


Glenmorangie's Spios: Bill Lumsden on whiskey maker's limited-edition series this year

This year, for its ninth outing, the private edition, which as Bill Lumsden says, “is an opportunity to experiment, to try and do something different,” sees the malt maker age their whiskey in American casks that once held spicier rye whiskey.


Ayzh founder Zubaida Bai on the 'birth kits' helping women in rural India have hygienic deliveries

Zubaida Bai says that very often, when maternal healthcare products are designed, the biggest stakeholder — women — and their needs are not taken into consideration


Asha De Vos on following her dream to become a marine biologist, studying pygmy blue whales

Though people in her home country Sri Lanka thought that becoming a marine biologist was 'frivolous', Asha De Vos decided to follow her dreams. She works towards making the oceans safer for whales


Gang Gang Dance's new, introspective album Kazuashita has an experimental edge

The songs from Gang Gang Dance's latest album Kazuashita defy expectations and sprawl in unknown directions. This 42-minute immersion has a laid back, smooth calm


Chef Curtis Stone on Masterchef Australia, and running two restaurants while appearing on TV

Curtis Stone, the Australian chef who’s always on the move, talks about his life and gives us a peek into the upcoming season of Masterchef Australia


Amen Dunes' Freedom: Honest, introspective portrait of artist questioning long-cherished ideas

On Freedom, the follow-up to Amen Dunes 2014 album Love, the songs are still opaque, but taken together, the album is more conventional and less introverted than Damon McMahon's previous output,