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COVID-19 impact is massive, but other social causes need CSR funding too, say NGOs

With a major chunk of CSR funding having gone towards the PM-CARES Fund, there are few resources left with corporate organisations to fund new initiatives


With strict medical protocols and no travel, WNBA set to tip off shortened season after delayed start

A WNBA season like no other will get underway on Saturday with all 12 teams at a single site.


Wonder Woman 1984 release date pushed to 2 October from 14 August; Gal Gadot says 'it'll be worth the wait'

Wonder Woman 1984 also stars Chris Pine, Pedro Pascal, Robin Wright, and Kristen Wiig.


Nirmala Sitharaman says Centre has no more announcements to make; rules out any cut in income tax rates

Nirmala Sitharaman, who had over the last week announced an economic package to help revive the economy, said how the coronavirus and the lockdown has hurt revenues is yet to be completely assessed.


'Congress can never think of disrespecting Manmohan Singh': Randeep Surjewala after Montek Singh Ahluwalia claimed ex-PM considered resigning in 2013

Surjewala said Gandhi's move of tearing the ordinance brought by the Congress-led government to allow those convicted in criminal cases to contest elections was a courageous step.


Union Budget 2020-21: Aluminum industry urges govt to reduce basic customs duty on critical raw materials

The aluminium industry has urged the government to reduce the basic customs duty on critical raw materials like aluminium fluoride, stating that high import duties are a huge disadvantage as they make Indian finished goods costlier and uncompetitive in the international markets


Domestic car sales decline by 8.4% to 1.42 lakh units in December; two-wheeler sales down 17%: SIAM

Domestic passenger vehicle sales declined 1.24 percent to 2,35,786 units in December from 2,38,753 units in the year-ago period


Delhi High Court to hear plea against Shah Faesal's 'illegal detention' on 3 September, asks Centre to file reply by today

The Delhi HC said it will hear on 3 September Shah Faesal's plea alleging he was illegally detained at Delhi airport on 14 August and taken back to Srinagar.


Sunny Leone to appear as first guest on The Kapil Sharma Show; new season premieres on 29 December

The Kapil Sharma show has been backed by Salman Khan and includes Bharti Singh, Krushna Abhishek, Sumona Chaktravarti and Kiku Sharda among others.

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101 Hip-hop Homeland North East | An anthem takes shape — Khasi Bloodz

The official music video for the Khasi Bloodz hip-hop Anthem For The North East.

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101 Kerala: Toddy Olympics

Harman and Abhishek get the crazy idea that they can outdrink the locals in Kerala. So it's off to the Toddy Shop for one toddy, two toddy, three toddy, floor!

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101 Hip-hop Homeland North East | Going vernacular with Khasi Bloodz

Continuing his journey to create a hip-hop anthem for the North East, rapper Feyago heads out to meet the Khasi Bloodz, one of the most prolific rap crews in the region. Comprising members D-bok (Donbok Kharkongor), D-mon (Lamonte Pakyntein) and Big Ri (Ritik Roy Malngiang), the crew prides itself on representing the Khasi tribe.

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101 Hip-hop Homeland North East | Building an anthem with Cryptographik Street Poets

The official music video for CSP's version of the Anthem For The North East.

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101 Heartland | A cafe in Delhi, Echoes, is entirely run by differently abled staff

The first thing you'll be shown when you walk into Echoes Cafe in Satyaniketan, New Delhi is a card telling you you're being served by the differently abled. The entire waitstaff of the restaurant is comprised of individuals who are hearing and speaking impaired.

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101 Hip-hop Homeland North East | Jamming with Cryptographik Street Poets

Cryptographik Street Poets is a rap crew featuring P.O.E.M. (Prophet Of Esoterical Metaphors) aka Andrew, Grey Jaw Ripper aka Ratul, and Jay King aka Banphira.


Padmavati controversy: Protests at Chittorgarh Fort, Coimbatore; Bollywood stands with Bhansali

Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Padmavati has been facing a lot of trouble since early this year.

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101 Dinner With Dons: Ramesh Singh Sikarwar, don of Chambal, talks about the secret lives of dacoits over a meal

The Chambal Valley, located in the northern part of Madhya Pradesh, on the border of Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh is infamous for gangs of dacoits. In the 70s and 80s, one of the most dreaded of those dacoits was Ramesh Singh Sikarwar. With a band of dacoits, he held sway over the region for years, before surrendering to the authorities. After serving his time, he now lives the life of a farmer, raising a family. A very sick Doctor VC pays Sikarwar a visit in his village, to learn about the secret life of the bandits, while joining them for a meal in their old jungle hideout. Loaded onto a tractor and taken deep into the dense jungle, with no mobile network or way to let people know where he is, Doctor VC learns not just about the eating habits of the daakus, but also comes home with moral lessons from the gang's leader.

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101 Traces: Kolkata's fading Chinatown is down to just a few families

Kolkata's Chinatown was once home to a thriving community of over 20,000 ethnically Chinese Indian nationals. That number is now estimated to be as low as 2,000. Most of the inhabitants' ancestors moved to Kolkata in the early 20th century, setting up shops and businesses for families of Chinese origin. But of late, the younger generation of the community has been looking to move out of Chinatown, looking for better prospects and standards of living in countries like USA, UK, Australia and Canada. Does this spell the end for the once-bustling Chinatown in Kolkata?

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101 Traces: Sarah Aunty's Embroidery Shop in Kochi sells specialty Jewish items

Sarah Aunty is one of the last 'Malabar Jews', as the Jewish people from Kochi are also known. The 95-year-old's world famous store, Sarah Cohen's Hand Embroidery, sells Jewish specialty items in 'Jew Town', Mattancherry in Kerala. Her Muslim caretaker, Thaha Ibrahim, shares a touching relationship with her. He fondly remembers the glory days of Jew Town, when both sides of the street were home to members of the Jewish community.

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101 Dinner with Dons: A meal with Dindigul's MK Tevar is like an episode of Breaking Bad, the Biryani edition

Some say Dindigul is the murder capital of Tamil Nadu. It's no wonder it's home to people like MK Tevar — a local don who has played many roles in his life. From selling lottery tickets, to working at hotels, and even working as an electrician, Mr. Tevar talks about how going to jail actually exposed him to more criminals and 'rowdies'. This is what made him join a life of crime. But like most people in his line of work, what the don really has a passion for, is food.