Watch: Meghalaya CM Mukul Sangma jams to The Beatles at his daughter's wedding

When we see our politicians on video, they're usually up to something frightfully dignified or frightfully disgraceful.

And so it was with pleasant surprise that we viewed this video of Meghalaya's top netas jamming to The Beatles.

In the video, posted to Facebook, Meghalaya chief minister Mukul Sangma, leader of the Opposition Donkupar Roy and United Democratic Party's president Paul Lyngdoh perform The Beatles 'All My Lovin' while a back-up band matches them note for note.

The impromptu gig occurred during the wedding celebrations of Sangma's daughter, in Shillong.

While Sangma was part of a rock band during his college days, Lyngdoh is a musician who has recorded several hit songs.

The singing was no doubt fun, but what had us impressed were Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prestone Tynson's dance moves: So inspiring was his verve that it made us want to join right in.

Published Date: Jan 03, 2017 15:00 PM | Updated Date: Jan 03, 2017 15:00 PM

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