The UPA government looks old and tired: Yogendra Yadav

by May 22, 2012

The United Progressive Alliance may be celebrating three years in power but given the findings of a CNN IBN survey which indicated growing frustration with the Congress and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, should it really be celebrating?

"The age of this government is three years, but it is 8 year old and looks very very old and tired too," said Yogendra Yadav, a social scientist on CNN-IBN while discussing the findings of the survey.

"A sense of a sinking ship has set in," he said.


Earlier on the discussion Salman Khurshid, Union Minister for Law and Justice, said that the government has plans to set things right in the next two years.

"All the things that Salman Khurshid mentioned are still in the future. If you want to do anything in any parliamentary democratic cycle, you have to do it in the first one and a half years so that the impact is visible," said Yadav.

The UPA government's plan to come up with new plan of action at the end of third year will not work in their favour, he said.

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