Eve teasing Akali man who shot cop claims ‘self-defence’

by Dec 7, 2012

Akali Dal leader Ranjit Rana, accused of shooting Police officer ASI Ravinder Singh repeatedly, has claimed that he acted out of self defence and went back to his residence to get another gun because he "didn't have many bullets".

Singh's daughter who was an eyewitness to the incident, said her father had attempted to confront Rana because he and his goons had been harassing her repeatedly as she went to work.

Screengrab from CNN-IBN

"My father tried to talk to the molesters and asked them what their problem was. They did not listen to him and instead pulled out a revolver and started shooting at him. They shot him several times and ran away. No one came to help us, no ambulance came nor did the police. I held my father in my lap and kept calling for help", she told CNN-IBN.

Rana had then gone to his house, returned with another rifle and shot Singh in the chest.

Rana who has been suspended from the Akali Dal after the incident, told the Times Now channel that Singh had shot him first and he had fired back, then returned to his house to get another gun because he had only a few bullets.

The case has generated a great deal of publicity with the media asking how the Punjab police could possibly explain an incident in which  one of his own men was shot dead by molesters in the middle of the city of Amritsar, and yet the culprits initially escaped and police assistance for Ravinder and his injured daughter took a long time to come.

The Congress has cited a law and order breakdown and called for the immediate resignation of Sukhbir Badal.

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