Delhi gangrape victim as guilty as rapists: Asaram Bapu

by Jan 7, 2013

Self-proclaimed godman Asaram Bapu has joined the long list of personalities who have put their foot in their mouth after making observations about the Delhi gangrape case by claiming that the 23-year-old woman, who died of her injuries, was as guilty as those responsible for the barbaric sexual assault on her.

Asaram Bapu. Image courtesy: ibnlive

According to Indian Express, the godman said, "Only 5-6 people are not the culprits. The victim daughter is as guilty as her rapists... She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop... This could have saved her dignity and life."

He didn't stop there. He went on to say, "Can you clap with one hand? I don't think so."

The self-proclaimed godman further said that he was against harsher punishments for the accused as the law could be misused. "Dowry harassment law is the biggest example of law being misused," he said.

His comments come at a time when outrage over the incident in Delhi has prompted a nationwide debate over  women's safety.

But this is not the first time in the spotlight of cotroversy for the godman. In a blistering attack on Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi in February last year, Asaram threatened to throw his government out of Gujarat if a probe into the deaths of two children in his ashram wasn't ended. A CID (Crime) chargesheet was filed against Asaram  in connection with the mysterious death of two kids studying in Motera Gurukul.

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