Did Barfi! rip off scenes from other movies?

FP Staff

Sep,21 2012 15:20 13 IST

Barfi! might have wowed the audience in the theatre and impressed the critics but that has not stopped film aficionados, bloggers and movie reviewers from accusing the makers of lifting scenes from films as varied as Chaplin and Kikujiro.

The most prominent among the scenes that appear copied is the scene that depicts Barfi! and the policeman doing a cat and mouse chase game from behind a sliding door. Look closely, and one might find that the scene is also there in Chaplin's 1917 film The Adventurer where he plays a runaway tramp from a prison.

The scene where Barfi emulates Chaplin's The Adventurer. IBNLive Screengrab.

The director Anurag Basu, however, defends these scenes as a homage to the great master of comedy, Charlie Chaplin. "We got inspired from Chaplin. Both Ranbir and I said in the interviews that there are scenes from there (The Adventurer). It is a homage to the maker and is inspired from them, "he says.

However, the inspiration from other films do not end there. Another crucial scene where Shruti's (played by Ileana D'Cruz) mother shows  her daughter how a past lover is cutting logs in the woods bears resemblance to the 2004 film The Notebook where the mother makes a similar confession to the daughter.

One of the most endearing gags in Barfi! where Ranbir Kapoor plays with a pillow shares a similarity with the 1952 film Singing in the Rain.

Bloggers and movie buffs have also pointed out that the hitchhiking scene where Ranbir and Priyanka sit beside the street is taken from the 1999 Takeshi Kitano film Kikujiro.

Are these all tributes? And if so, isn't it a little much?

Published Date: Sep 21, 2012 15:20 PM | Updated Date: Sep 21, 2012 15:34 PM