Iran shooting highlights: Twin attacks in Tehran; assailants inside Parliament killed, situation normal, say reports

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Iran shooting highlights: Twin attacks in Tehran; assailants inside Parliament killed, situation normal, say reports
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    Russia condemns Tehran attack, urges 'coordination' against Islamic State. 


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    Iranian media says several attackers, including suicide bombers, took part in the assaults on both sites, with the parliament attack still underway. Lawmakers were in session at the time of the attack, and have been ordered to remain in place.

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    Islamic State group claims twin attacks

    The Islamic State group claimed twin attacks in the Iranian capital on Wednesday targetting parliament and the shrine of the country's revolutionary founder Ruhollah Khomeini, the Amaq propaganda agency said.

    "Fighters from the Islamic State attacked the Khomeini mausoleum and the parliament building in Tehran," the agency said, citing a "security source." 


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    One bomber shot dead before detonating vest, another blows self up at Imam's mausoleum: Iran Intelligence Ministry. 

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    Security Council to hold special emergency meeting

    Following the twin blasts that rocked Tehran, Iran's Security Council has started an emergency meeting, to discuss the incident. An official with the Council Ali-Reza Mahdavi Shahroodi said that the meeting is held to examine.

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    One terrorist killed by armed forces at Parliament complex

    Iran's Revolutionary Guard has shot dead one armed terrorist at the Parliament in Tehran. The government's intelligence ministry confirmed the report, and said, "One terrorist team dismantled before carrying out attacks."

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    Terrorist holed up inside Iran Parliament blows himself up

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    Details of Wednesday's attacks shrouded in mystery

    It's not clear yet if the assailants had been able to enter the actual Khomeini mausoleum. But the capital city of Tehran has been put on lockdown, with streets blocked and the metro closed, and journalists kept away from the shrine by police.

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    Gunshots being heard outside Iran's Parliament

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    Three attackers killed at Imam Khomeini shrine following suicide bombing

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    Gunman in image from Iran Parliament is part of security forces, and isn't a terrorist

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    Shootout at Iran Parliament: Three injured, more held hostage, reports state media

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    Gunfire still being heard from Iran Parliament

    Though the scheduled Iranian Parliament session for the day is underway on Wednesday, gunfire is still continuing to be heard, two hours after the shooting started.

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    Situation under control, public session underway at Iran Parliament

    Iranian Parliament’s cultural and public relations director, General Mahdi Kiaie, said security forces and Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps are controlling the situation. He added that a public session is underway in the Parliament building.

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    First images of the suicide bombing at Tehran's Khomeini Mausoleum

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    Image of the armed attacker at a window inside Iran Parliament

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    Attackers may have lost their way inside Iranian parliament

    Armed attacked stormed Iran's Parliament, but lost their way once inside, suggest media reports.

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    People gather outside Iran Parliament

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    Where Wednesday's attacks took place

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    Four suspected terrorists involved in attack on Khomeini shrine

    Three assailants shot multiple rounds at people visiting the Khomeini shrine in Tehran, while a fourth one detonated himself in a suicide attack in front of a police station opposite the shrine. Law enforcement and guards at the shrine said they have also defused another suicide vest at the scene, according to a report on FARS News.

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    Suicide bomber in Khomeini bombing was reportedly a woman

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    Visuals of the blast outside the west wing of Khomeini's shrine

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    Special forces called in at Iran Parliament, as shots still being heard

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    Third explosion rocks Tehran, at Imam Khomeini metro station

    After gunmen stormed Iran Parliament and a suicide bomber blew himself up outside Ruhollah Khomeini's tomb, a third attack has been reported, from the Imam Khomeini metro station.

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    Iran interior ministry to hold emergency meeting

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    Area around Iran Parliament cordoned off

    Streets outside the Iranian parliament in Tehran have been shut, as security forces intensify combing operations, the Mehr news agency has reported.

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    Parliament to continue normally despite terror attack

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    Security guard killed, bullets fired at journalists

    After twin shootouts hit Iran's capital city Tehran on Wednesday, a security guard has been killed, the State-run Tasnim news agency reported. It also said a bullet was fired towards journalists covering the incident.

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    Four terrorists, including suicide bomber, attack Khomeini shrine

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    Footage from Imam Khomeini's shrine where a shootout took place on Wednesday

At least one gunman opened fire inside the Iranian Parliament on Wednesday, wounding several people, State media reported.

There were mixed reports, with some local news agencies reporting there was a single shooter inside the Tehran parliamentary complex and others saying there were three men armed with rifles and a pistol.

News agencies ISNA and Fars said three people had been shot, including at least one security guard.

Furthermore, an armed man burst into the mausoleum of Iranian revolutionary founder Ruhollah Khomeini and shot several people, State media reported.

State broadcaster IRIB and the Fars news agency said the armed man was inside the mausoleum in southern Tehran, at the same time as reports of attacks inside Iran's Parliament several kilometres away.

Updated Date: Jun 07, 2017 17:17 PM

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