India is the only country that can prevent the probable Third World War: Tarek Fatah

Religious extremism is on the rise and a second Cold War is underway.
Our guest this evening on the Firstpost Salon, Tarek Fatah is of the opinion that a Third World War is no longer the stuff of science fiction.
"We are probably on the threshold of a Third World War, we cannot laugh it off, (but) people are more concerned about whether Aamir Khan is going to be leaving India, when a battle is taking place between Russia and Turkey," says Fatah, mincing no words.
"The place where the First World War took place — the Balkans is again on fire — but it seems people are not able to get over Bollywood here," he rages on.
So the world is on the threshold of a major crisis. Who you gonna call? Not Ghostbusters, but India.
"India is the only country that can prevent this crisis because it is the country in which people of all religions are together — Christians, Muslims etc. Asia is where wheat grows along with rice and even mustard. India has mountains, rivers," he says and adds somewhat sharply, "It has oranges and bananas too, everything is here but if you want Norway to solve these problems, that cant happen."
So why should you tune in to the Firstpost Salon this evening?
According to Fatah: "(You) should come and try to figure out if (you) are sick and tired of politically-correct nonsense that you hear so often on television channels, especially in India".

Updated Date: Nov 26, 2015 16:44:41 IST