Donald Trump supporter defends his golfing habits by calling out Barack Obama on CNN, fails spectacularly

You know how there's a German word for feeling ashamed and embarrassed about something someone else has done? You know, fremdschämen? Well, there's a story from the United States that'll give you a fair share of fremdschämen for the day.

It's even more recent than this one. Photo: AP

It's even more recent than this one. Photo: AP

This wondeful feeling is thanks to CNN's resident Trump Supporter Kayleigh McEnany. Let's see the incident in full glory first.


Essentially, McEnany is harkening back to this specific incident in light of Donald Trump's golf escapades during his term as President so far. As a vocal opponent of Obama's 'holiday taking tendencies,' Trump himself has been called out for playing too much golf. According to Snopes, Trump went golfing at least three times in his first month as President!

Naturally, Trump's supporters decided to do some damage control and ended up causing more controversy. Firstly, the incident Kayleigh McEnany was referring to, the murder of Daniel Pearl, took place on 2002 when Obama was still a state senator. Secondly, the beheading that she was actually referring to was the death of James Foley, which occurred in 2014. Esquire reports that Obama was in fact on vacation during when the incident occurred, but he did denounce the event. He also apologised after receiving sharp criticism for golfing after condemning the attack. Since we're keeping track, the Sean Spicer's take on Trump's incessant golfing is that "the golfing is either strategic or the golfing is not even happening". Classic Spicer.

It is one thing to deflect Trump's golf gaffes by deflecting to Obama, but it's quite another thing to mix up assassinations. McEnany apologised after the mixup.

The internet quickly caught on to McEnany's attempt to politicise the deaths of Pearl and Foley to be Trump's golfing habits. The hashtag #ObamaWasGolfingWhen quickly spread like wildfire across social media. No social, political or mythological tale was left behind in this trend.

It's quite ironic that Trump made it a point to mention how he's not going to have time to go play golf if he becomes President.

Too bad that they don't give mulligans for political blunders.

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Updated Date: Mar 29, 2017 13:05:41 IST

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