Intel Launches Sandy Bridge Celeron Processor for Notebooks

Celeron lives on in the form of new Sandy Bridge processors.

Intel’s Celeron lineup has always been considered to be the value offering of processors. Intel just launched a Celeron version of the Sandy Bridge processors called the B810 which is designed specifically for low-power notebooks and other mobile devices. The B810 CPU runs 1.6 GHz and has two cores on it. There’s 2MB of L3 cache and the operation TDP is 35W. Being an entry-level processor, the virtualization and hyperthreading features have been excluded from its feature set.

Intel Launches Sandy Bridge Celeron Processor for Notebooks

Sandy Bridge now in Celeron flavors


Not that the processors will be available in retail stores, the price for a batch of 1,000 processors will be $86 per processor. There are also rumors that a even low-power Celeron processor will be announced which will operate at a TDP of just 17W running at a speed of 1.1 GHz. There haven’t been too many manufacturers using the new Celeron B810 processor except for Fujitsu. Their new low-power Esprimo Q900 PC is one of the first few products to hit the market.

With Intel's Atom processors being preferred for low-power computing, it’s the slightly more powerful graphics solution on the new Sandy Bridge processors that makes it more appealing.