Holi 2017: How to rescue your drenched smartphone during Holi

There's usually little hope to revive your drenched smartphone on Holi. But there are couple of things you can do, to reduce the damage to your smartphone's innards and your repairs bill.

Holi is here and while many say no to water wastage during the festival of colour, there will be others who will either stick to getting wet or mix both colour and water into a sticky mess.

And like it or hate it, you will want to record that colourful splash in slow motion, or just a photo (to post on social media), which is why the most of us will end up carrying our smartphones to such meetups.

Indeed, the safer option, for those who really feel the need to Instagram those Holi photos ASAP, is to buy a zip lock packet, but just ensure that you don't use it for too long as your smartphone will heat up quickly inside it. As always, power it down when its not in use.

Among the many colour-related accidents that do take place during the festival of Holi, there are always complaints about smartphones getting drenched in water, either due to splashes of water (on purpose) or the accidental drop into a bucket of water or a puddle.

Once that's done, provided you are in a sober state, there's little hope to revive your smartphone from this multi-coloured massacre. But there are couple of things you can do, to reduce the damage to your smartphone's innards and your repairs bill at the service center.

iPhone 7 Plus (12)

Most flagship smartphones today and especially the ones that were launched this year will be IP 67 or IP 68 dust and water resistant. This means if they do get dropped in water, you need not get a panic attack, but just pull out your smartphone, wipe off the water and go about your business like nothing happened. A note to remember however, is that these devices are built to resist soft and hard water but not a dip in the sea or water that loaded with salt.

Samsung Galaxy A Series Galaxy A5 2017 (1)

This 2017 Samsung Galaxy A5 can take a dip.

With that said, the above mentioned category or phones (you will need to check this with the documents in your box) are better off compared to the most mid-range or budget devices.

So what do you do when you (along with your smartphone) have been drenched by friend or family with a whole bucket of water?

Step 1: Pull it out of your pocket or water ASAP!

Remember, the longer your smartphone stays in water, the more prone it is to a short circuit or damage. So if you have been splashed at (or someone dropped a nasty surprise with a water balloon) head for cover and pull out your smartphone from that damp pocket. If its accidentally fallen in a puddle, draw it out immediately.

Quick Tip: Keep your smartphone turned off when it's not in use.

Step 2: Wipe off the water or colour from your smartphone

Instead of pressing down on all the buttons to see if your phone has survived, hold on, take a deep breath and first wipe off your smartphone with a dry cloth or tissue. If there's none around (which will be the case) just shake your phone vigorously (grip it tight) and try and shake the water off that could be stuck between the buttons. Then quickly follow the next step.

Step 3: Check for signs of life in the right way

Once your have wiped off the excess water, it's time to check for signs of life. The right way to do it is to press down on the power/unlock button only. Pressing every button may give way for the accumulated water to enter the circuitry inside so only do what's needed.

Step 4: Blow dry it

If your phone is still on, power it down (don't touch any other button). Then hold it up against a hairdryer on the low setting and blow air into the cavities by facing that cavity towards the floor. Start with the USB port at the bottom, the headphone jack, the speaker grille, the receiver at the top and then to the power and volume buttons. Another great tool is a rubber hand air pump.

Step 5: Further fail safe drying

By now, you may have already killed the mood of your Holi celebration. Once the smartphone has been dried (at least from the outside), don't power it up again, but bury it in a bowl (not a closed tin or jar) of rice for a couple of hours. The dry rice should absorb the moisture and dry up your smartphone from the inside.

silica gel dessicant dehumidifier


Absorbia Dessicant Dehumidifier

A more effective trick is to place it in a box (not air tight) with the lid slightly open (for air flow) with a desiccant dehumidifier pack or lots of silica gel packs (that you will find in new shoe boxes and bags) inside. These are purpose built and depending on the size of the packet will get the job done faster. Still then its safe to keep in the box for a few hours. And then head out to enjoy what's left of Holi.

Quick Tip: It's wise to place your drying apparatus on a table and not in closed drawer or a closed cupboard.

Once you are back from your celebration, its time to turn on your smartphone and face the bitter truth. If it switches on, place a call, plug in the audio jack and check if you can hear sound. If these work, play a game or two, that should warm up the circuits a bit. Your phone has survived the accident.

If it does not turn on, or if you cannot hear the audio from the receiver, switch it off, and take it straight to the service center and hope that your warranty period isn't over.

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