Emirates Airlines responds to US/UK electronics devices ban, by a tongue-in-cheek update to its ad

Unlike other airlines, who have remained to stay silent on the matter so far, Emirates has gone ahead and used this ban to its advantage

In the last couple of days, both the US and the UK have announced certain rules as to the carrying of electronic devices in the flight. According to the latest regulations, passengers in the US and UK bound foreign airline flights will not be allowed to carry any electronics equipment larger than a 6-inch cellphone. Passengers would be allowed to carry larger devices such as tablets, portable DVD players, laptops and cameras in their checked luggage.

Some of the airlines affected by the ban for the UK are Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airways, Atlas-Global, Egyptair, Tunisair, Royal Jordanian, Saudi and Middle East airlines including Emirates Airlines. For the US, the restrictions apply to those flying from UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and Morocco, in addition to the countries in the UK list.


Middle East's largest carrier Emirates Airlines released an updated version of its advertisement featuring Jennifer Aniston, to highlight its in-flight entertainment options. Unlike other airlines, who have remained to stay silent on the matter so far, Emirates has gone ahead and used this ban to its advantage.

While the ad was shot last year, Emirates has used a small portion from the ad, prefacing it with "Who needs tablets and laptops anyway?" The focus is clearly on Emirates' in-flight entertainment options. You see Hollywood actor Jennifer Aniston, sitting between two kids while admiring the entertainment options on its console. "This thing has so many games and so many movies, it’s crazy," she says.




Emirates has gone ahead an made an assumption that people who use laptops and tablets in the flight, only do so to stay entertained. Which is far from the truth, specially for business travellers and journalists who also get some work done in transit, on their laptops. Or there are some bibliophiles who like to catch up on some reading in-flight on their Kindle (which is also on the list of banned devices).

Naturally, not a lot of people were amused with the ad update. But all said and done, Emirates has used this alarming news to do some positive PR activity, which has won a lot of kudos from some users and fliers as well.


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