Elon Musk says development of a Mad Max inspired 'Cyborg Dragon Tesla' is almost done

Elon Musk had mentioned about building a 'cyber dragon' in a tweet a while back.

It seems that Elon Musk wasn't done with putting a Tesla Roadster around the Martian orbit earlier this year. The billionaire entrepreneur has now announced via his official Twitter account that the development of a 'Cyborg Dragon Tesla' is almost done.

Elon Musk says development of a Mad Max inspired Cyborg Dragon Tesla is almost done

Tesla Semi-truck in Mad Max Fury. Source: Instagram/@Elon Musk

Yes, that's right. A Cyborg Dragon Tesla. Talk about theatricals. But, then again, Elon Musk is no stranger to the art of creating anticipation.

To recall, Musk had mentioned about building a 'cyber dragon' in a tweet a while back. It was widely believed to be a modified version of SpaceX's Dragon spacecraft. However, this new information has sent Twitter buzzing.

The information first came out when Musk tweeted out a photo showing the Tesla Semi-truck photoshopped into a Mad Max: Fury Road scene. Fredric Lambert replied to the tweet by sharing an image of Mad Max-style Tesla Model S to which Musk replied: "Cyborg Dragon Tesla almost done."Needless to say, trolls followed almost immediately after the announcement.

Could this simply be a publicity stunt? Much of what Musk says could be considered downright ridiculous. Until he does it. Like the aforementioned antics of putting a Tesla in space. Or starting to dig tunnels under major cities. Or working towards building a colony on Mars.

More recently, just to raise funds for his underground tunnelling project, Musk sold 20,000 flamethrowers called the "Boring Company Not A Flamethrower" and made some $10 million in revenue.

We'll have to just wait and see the final Cyborg Dragon Tesla, to see if this is another Musk mooshot or if it is real.