The Boring Company sells all 20,000 flamethowers; to be shipped with a complimentary fire extinguisher

Elon Musk could be considered as the man with the Midas touch. Everything he touches becomes gold figuratively. It came as little surprise then, that when he showed off a Boring Company Flamethrower and put it up for sale, the internet would lap it up.

Image: The Boring Company

Image: The Boring Company

Musk made only 20,000 units available and gave it a price tag of $500. Now he has tweeted out that all units have been sold out in a matter of three days, giving the Boring company a revenue of $10 million. 15,000 of them were sold till 31 January alone and the rest on 1 February.

As a matter of fact, Musk has also given out a complimentary Boring Company Fire Extinguisher and retailed it at $30.

The fast sell-out of the flamethrower follows the crazy merch venture in which Musk sold 50,000 Boring company hats. All proceeds go directly to the funding of Elon Musk's crazy plans of digging tunnels under major cities.

Late 2016, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, randomly tweeted out that he was fed up with traffic and that he would "build a tunnel boring machine and just start digging”. The idea here is to build an underground network of roads that would not only have normal road cars, but would also host the Hyperloop One transport system running in some of them. This would take off the stress from the streets above leading to lesser congestion in big cities.


Updated Date: Feb 01, 2018 16:25 PM