Apple shares fall 1.6 percent on report that the upcoming iPhone will not support Gigabit LTE

Apple iPhone is known to pack the latest and greatest that the industry supply lines have to offer to the company.

Apple iPhone is known to pack the latest and greatest that the industry supply lines have to offer to the company. The company is also known to pack parts that are exclusively and custom made for the iPhone. However, despite the usual trend and the hype surrounding the upcoming iPhone, a recent Bloomberg report points out that the upcoming smartphone from Apple will miss on the ‘higher-speed data links’.

This essentially means that the upcoming iPhone will not support the ‘gigabit’ speeds that telecom giants in the United States are supporting. According to the report, AT&T, Verizon, and other telecom companies have upgraded their networks to enable users to download about one gigabit of data in one second of a time. Comparing to the current average speeds on wireless networks, this speed is about 100 times faster than the highest offered by current generation. The lack of support will push back the data and connectivity performance for iPhone while comparing it with the latest that the competition has to offer.

The reason for this as detailed in the report is because of the way Apple manages its supply lines. The company sources its modems, the component in the smartphone that connects the smartphone to the cellular network, from Qualcomm and Intel. Qualcomm is ready with the ‘Gigabit’ download speed support in its modem. On the other hand, Intel is working on its modems to add the ‘gigabit’ download speeds. But the company will take some time and it will not be ready for the launch of the upcoming iPhone.

This development did not go unnoticed in the technology industry as Apple shares fell 1.6 percent to $152.56. The company could only of with Qualcomm but the relationship between the two is not ideal with the disagreement of payment of royalties expected to drag on for a while. One thing to note here is that Apple has not issued any official statements about the upcoming iPhone or the rumours surrounding specs.

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