Sony confirms 'PlayStation 5' with new controllers; coming out in the end of 2020

The PlayStation 5 will arrive with ray tracing support, SSD storage, and a new controller.

Back in April, we got to know some of the highlights of the successor to the PlayStation 4 that was being called the “next-gen console”. And just like tradition, Sony is continuing the naming scheme of its gaming console as it confirmed that the next version will be called the PlayStation 5. While many details were officially confirmed earlier, the most interesting detail that landed today was the new and upgraded controller (Dualshock 5?) with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

 Sony confirms PlayStation 5 with new controllers; coming out in the end of 2020

Sony PlayStation logo. Image: Sony.

In an exclusive report on Wired, Sony had confirmed that it was incorporating AMD’s Ryzen CPUs and Navi GPUs in the upcoming console that would support ray tracing. It also spoke about the use of SSD storage to boost load and boot times that were a problem in the previous generation with mechanical hard drives. The use of an SSD drastically affected the load time of Marvel's Spider-man game where it took 8.1 seconds to load on the PS4 Pro whereas it only took 0.8 seconds to load on an early prototype of the new console. Now, Sony has officially added more talking points on its official blog about the PS5 with new controllers.

Sony’s lead system architect Mark Cerny further opened up about the capabilities of the PS5 in another exclusive interview with Wired. He clarified that ray tracing on the console won’t be a software fix but it will indeed be hardware-based that will be running on the AMD Navi-based GPU. Coming to the storage, he said that starting from the PS5, game installation is going to change and become more modular. This means that rather than games being a “big block of data”, developers can program their games to allow the installation of separate instances of the game as required by the players. So, if you want to play only the single-player campaign as soon as you buy the game, you can download just that without having to download the extra modes including multiplayer. This will potentially also save a lot of space if you play several games simultaneously. If you want to continue playing the multiplayer campaign of a game and you’re done with the single-player story, you can uninstall it to make room for another game.

The company is quite excited about the upgraded controllers that don’t have an official name yet. Haptic feedback will replace the existing “rumble” technology that exists in the current generation of controllers to give players feedback via strong but damped vibrations. However, this technology didn’t feel precise. To improve immersion, the new controllers will use haptic feedback that will provide distinguishable feedback to different actions so that players will be able to tell the difference between in-game events with only the vibrations. The controllers will include adaptive triggers in the L2 and R2 trigger buttons for better immersion. Developers will have the freedom to play around with the resistance of the triggers based on the game’s action that will ultimately deliver a better experience in combination with haptic feedback. Additionally, product manager Toshi Aoki confirmed that the new controller has an upgraded speaker, bigger batteries and a USB Type-C connector. Sony didn't reveal any pictures of the new controllers.

The user interface is also receiving a facelift to enable quicker navigation to multiplayer activities. Players will be able to see what their friends are playing right from the home screen to join multiplayer matches without having to launch the game first. Speaking of games, none of the studios have announced any PS5 titles yet. However, Bluepoint Games that developed Shadow of the Colossus is working on a “big one” currently.

Sony PlayStation 5 devkit 3D render. Image: LetsGoDigital.

Sony PlayStation 5 devkit 3D render. Image: LetsGoDigital.

We still don’t know what the PlayStation 5 looks like but Wired confirmed that the patent design leaks of the PS5 devkit were similar to what they saw. Since the console is set to launch in the holidays, we are expecting Sony to have quite a big presence in next year’s E3 expo to officially unveil the PlayStation 5.

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