Fortnite Mobile is not officially available on Play Store, Google warns players

The Fortnite Mobile app for Android is still exclusive to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

If you say craze, I would say Fortnite! Probably one of the most popular games of the year, which seems to be only growing in popularity, unlike Pokémon Go that faded to vain soon after hitting the limelight.

However, despite the vast popularity, there is still a huge chunk of players who have been missing out on Fortnite, solely because of the fact that it is only playable on desktop or console.

Fortunately, in May this year, Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, announced that the game will soon be coming to Android.

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BUT, soon after, Epic Games also announced that initially, Fortnite will be exclusive to the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, and will eventually be rolled out to others officially. On 9 August, we saw the game going official on Android, with a 3-day exclusive availability on the Note 9.

Now, because of the game being announced officially on Android, hundreds of players are now rushing to the Play Store to download it. However, as first reported by XDA Developers, the game app is yet to be available on the Store.

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And because this is a golden opportunity for people who want you to trick you into downloading a possibly malicious app, Google is now prompting clear warnings on the store, whenever someone searches the Fortnite Mobile app.

The warning read: “Fortnite Battle Royal by Epic Games Inc, is not available on Google Play.”

So be careful, don’t fall for the con artists!


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