App Weekly: As the year comes to a close, here are seven of the best mobile games you can play this week

Delight your senses with our top picks of the seven best games that should be on your phone as part of this week's App Weekly

Delight your senses with our top picks for the games that should be on your phone this week.

Experience what may be the best farming game ever with Farmers 2050 or explore the limits of space in Morphite. On the casual side, why not take the time to wind down with Windin or Skyfish?

App Weekly: As the year comes to a close, here are seven of the best mobile games you can play this week

App Weekly: Your weekly roundup of the best apps for your mobile


Morphite is a beautiful game about a space adventurer who dreams of setting up a colony of her own. The game will impress you with its graphics from the very beginning. By opting for a low-poly design, the developers have managed to create something that looks stunning but will not torture your phone. The game has many elements you will recognize from No Man's Sky: Endless space with infinite planets, alien creatures and plants.

The game also has a few elements of puzzle-solving reminiscent of Portal. Some of the qualms you may have with the game include the controls and the instability of the beta version. The game has a lot of potential and great characters, but you may want to deliberate before paying for the full version. Try out the story and exploration in the free version on Android.

Available on Android and iOS

Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing

Asphalt Xtreme takes the go-to racing game into the wild. Prepare to race in jungles, on the beach, on snowy mountainsides and even the badlands of Detroit. The best thing about this game is that you will constantly have to figure out which way to go, just like in an actual outdoor rally. There is no clear circuit and circumvention is often possible. The ramps and the generous boosts scattered across the tracks will ensure you get enough air.

The menu for the game is extra clunky, just like the monster trucks. There are so many frills to the game that it takes some time to actually get to the racing. Obviously, these frills are important if you want to escape some of the grinding and live a less frustrating life. However, the graphics and the gameplay more than compensate for this.

The controls are extraordinarily steady and make you feel in control even when you are racing over black ice. It is easy to drift and enjoy the scenic view.

Available on Android and iOS

Farmers 2050

If you have ever planted a single corn in Farmville, you owe it to yourself to play Farmers 2050. This game leaves all other farming games far behind in terms of detail and design.

In Farmers 2050, you farm for the future, thoroughly aware of sustainability and water rights. The game takes itself quite seriously and presents you with curated content including videos and articles on topics that will make you a better organic farmer. It also includes the elements of interaction with society and non-profits.

The game looks great and substitutes the cartoony cows of Hay Day for a detailed town. Unlike other such games, you are not restricted to just the farm but can go to different places of business. Hire an agronomist, meet a farming family from India and build your ideal farm.

Available on Android and iOS

We Are Illuminati - Conspiracy Simulator Clicker

We are Illuminati is available on the Google Play Store

We are Illuminati is available on the Google Play Store

After having tried communism in Adventure Communist, it is time to try out a more dubious concept in clicker form. Try taking the world over secretly, in this game where you run the Illuminati. The game is not as subtle as the organization is rumoured to be; the character that guides you has a pyramid for a head. Engage in activities like acquiring companies, planting fake news and meeting with reptiles.

We Are Illuminati blends the traditional fun of a clicker with an idea that pop-culture is obsessed with. Bring out the conspiracy from the shadows and enjoy overseeing the rise of the New World Order!

Available on Android

Free Fire - Battlegrounds

If you ever read or saw Hunger Games and wished you were in it [Editor's note: Battle Royale would be more appropriate], Free Fire will offer you a chance to do just that. In Free Fire, party with a bunch of online players who are all out to kill each other. A plane drops off the players wherever they want over a vast, grassy plain. You get some time before the culling starts to roam the landscape and gather resources. You will find pieces of equipment, guns, cars and first aid if you look hard enough.

The graphics are pretty good for a mobile device and the game runs smoothly. The real fun begins as the safe zone starts shrinking. Even if you have somehow managed to escape engaging with other players until then, be prepared to go on a killing spree in the last few minutes of the game.

Oh, and if the concept sounds familiar, that's because Free Fire is the mobile version of the wildly popular Player Unknown's Battlegrounds.

Available on Android and iOS

Legend of the Skyfish

The opening sequence of Skyfish almost reads like a folktale. This game is about a girl called Little Red Hook who has to defeat the evil Skyfish and find her brother. She is helped by a legendary guardian of the seas called the Moonwhale who accompanies her on her island-hopping adventures. Skyfish has elaborate puzzles and a character with the most unusual weapon you've seen; a fishing rod. This is no ordinary rod, however, and it allows the girl to hop between islands and kill the piscine creatures who have overtaken them under Skyfish's rule.

Available on Android and iOS


Windin is an innovative twist on the granddaddy of all mobile casual gaming, match 3s. In Windin, you place not one but two stacked counters at a time. The wind blows after every move you make and dislodges the top counter in its direction. This simple mechanism makes the game truly absorbing. There are a bunch of power-ups that will propel you towards a higher score.

Windin will win you over with its adorable graphics and make you stay because of the gameplay. With practice, you will be able to lay out moves and combos several steps in advance and will grin in untarnished delight when your plans work out.

Available on Android and iOS

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