IPL 2017, highlights, KXIP vs GL in Mohali, cricket scores and updates: Gujarat win, push Punjab into a corner

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IPL 2017, highlights, KXIP vs GL in Mohali, cricket scores and updates: Gujarat win, push Punjab into a corner
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    That brings us to end of our live coverage of the match between KXIP and GL. The good win for GL. Only if they could have put up such performances earlier in the tournament, they would still have been in the running for a play-off berth. GL were hurt by their bowling this season. Punjab, meanwhile, would really have wanted to avoid this loss. They have a tough job to qualify for the knock out stage and it all gets tougher now. 

    We would be back with another match of the IPL tomorrow as Sunrisers Hyderabad take on Mumbai Indians in Hyderabad. Do join us for all the live scores and updates from that match. Till then, it's goodbye.    

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    Dwayne Smith chosen the Man of the Match for his 74 off 39 balls that laid the foundation for Gujarat's chase.

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  • Most centuries in a losing cause in T20s:

    5 - Chris Gayle 
    2 - Unmukt Chand, Michael Klinger, Shane Watson, HASHIM AMLA*

    RCB's position in points table in each season of IPL:

    2008 - 7
    2009 - 3
    2010 - 4
    2011 - 1
    2012 - 5
    2013 - 5
    2014 - 7
    2015 - 3
    2016 - 2
    2017 - 8*

    For the first time, RCB will finish at the last place in the points table in IPL. 

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    After 19.4 overs,Gujarat Lions 192/4 ( Dinesh Karthik (W) 35 , Ravindra Jadeja 7)

    Natarajan bowls the last over. The first over is full and wide. Karthik hits it towards cover, and GL get an overthrow too as the bowler fails to gather the throw. Three runs off the first ball. The next ball is a wide. And then another wide. Inexperience! Natarajan gets a dot ball, but Karthik hits the fourth ball over extra cover for a boundary and that's the victory for GL. That's is the second time this season that Amla has scored a century, but KXIP have lost. It becomes a bit tough for Punjab to qualify for the play-offs now. Punjab captain Maxwell looks disgusted in the post-match interview.

    GL beat KXIP by 6 wickets.

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    After 19 overs,Gujarat Lions 182/4 ( Dinesh Karthik (W) 28 , Ravindra Jadeja 6)

    Aaron to bowl the penultimate over. The first ball is short and Karthik goes for an almighty pull. Not in control of that shot at all. Top edged, but the ball sails over the keeper and way into the stands. The next ball is hammered past backward point fo a four. GL have started this over well. That's certainly what you don't want if you are Punjab. Five runs off the next three balls. GL need 8 runs off tha last over. Would have to be a miracle for GL to lose from here. 

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    After 18 overs,Gujarat Lions 166/4 ( Dinesh Karthik (W) 17 , Ravindra Jadeja 1)

    Sandeep back into the attack. Raina goes big on the first ball, but fails to get the distance. Caught by Gurkeerat at the long on. For a moment that looked to be popping out too. Aaron Finch is the new man in. Slower ball. Finch adjusts  and plays it away to square leg and gets a couple. Sandeep gets Finch with his next ball. A short deivery. Finch gets a top edge. Ravindra Jadeja comes out to back. Plays an atrocious shot. The ball just misses his bat and the stumps. Could well have got an inside edge to the stumps. Terrible mix up between the GL batsmen though. Karthik dives and survives though. Saha was just a bit late to whip the bails off. GL need 22 off 12 balls.

  • The kind of win that we were accustomed to seeing from the Lions in 2016 on the cards here as Raina continues his fine tournament. If only his colleagues in orange could have matched his performances before the Lions were eliminated. This has been a really poor effort in the field from Kings XI who seemed to have lacked intensity in the field. Their chances of the playoffs are slipping away here. 

  • Punjab have looked short of ideas tonight, and therefore have been short of wickets. Gujarat would back themselves in to knock this score off now unless Kings XI can take two or three quick wickets. KXIP really have a problem when batting sides go after them, the bowlers seem unable to cope with the pressure and tonight even the captain has look flustered. 

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    OUT! Sandeep delivers for Punjab. Gets Finch now. Short ball. Finch pulls and gets a top edge to the 'keeper. KXIP 165/4 in the 18th over. 

    Finch c Saha b Sandeep Sharma 2(2)

  • 23:15 (IST)

    OUT! Raina holes out at long on. KXIP 162/3 in the 18th over. 

    Raina c Gurkeerat Singh b Sandeep Sharma 39(25)

  • 23:14 (IST)

    After 17 overs,Gujarat Lions 162/2 ( Suresh Raina (C) 39 , Dinesh Karthik (W) 16)

    Aaron back in the attack. Karthik gives the charge. Cuts it to backward point. No run. Raina plays the 4th inside out. Totally messed up by Gurkeerat Mann at long off. That was probably the first time he has had something worthwhile to do in this match and he missed a sitter. The bowler can't believe it. Punjab's fielding has been pretty shoddy in this match. Four runs from that over. GL need 28 runs off the last 18 balls.

  • 23:06 (IST)

    After 16 overs,Gujarat Lions 158/2 ( Suresh Raina (C) 36 , Dinesh Karthik (W) 15)

    Mohit Sharma in for his last over. Some variation from Mohit. Starts with a yorker, bowls a slower ball. But easily negotiated by Karthik and Raina. The last ball of the over is chipped by Raina over long on. Effortless. Great timing on that. Strategic timeout at the end of that over. 32 runs needed off 24 balls.

  • 23:01 (IST)

    After 15 overs,Gujarat Lions 148/2 ( Suresh Raina (C) 28 , Dinesh Karthik (W) 13)

    Natarajan back into the attack. Raina cits him to the deep square leg fence. A boundary off the first ball and the bowler is immediately under pressure. Raina and Karthik keep the scoreboard ticking. These two are the suitable players    for this sutuation. 11 runs taken without any difficulty. GL need 42 runs from 30 balls.

  • 22:58 (IST)

    After 14 overs,Gujarat Lions 137/2 ( Suresh Raina (C) 23 , Dinesh Karthik (W) 8)

    Mohit back into the attack. Karthik drives the first ball to extra cover. Some misfield. A single taken. A good-looking off drive by Raina on the next ball. Fielded at long off. Another single. A single of every ball off that over. GL need 53 off 36 balls. They would fancy this one.

  • 22:53 (IST)

  • Did you know?

    Suresh Raina becomes the second player to hit 400 fours in IPL after Gautam Gambhir. 

  • 22:51 (IST)

    After 13 overs,Gujarat Lions 131/2 ( Suresh Raina (C) 20 , Dinesh Karthik (W) 5)

    Axar back into the attack. Raina runs the first ball down to third man. A couple taken. Raina and Karthik milks the bowling. Karthik moves outside off and plays a cheeky shot over the 'keeper's head. Doesn't connect it as well as he would have wanted to. Eight runs from that over. GL need 59 runs off 42 balls.

  • KXIP are just struggling to find consistency with the ball. After one or two good deliveries the inevitable boundary ball comes. They have been particularly poor at starting and finishing off their overs, which really adds to the pressure. They've been poor when put under the pump this IPL, it'll be interesting to see if they can respond to the challenge being thrown at them by the Lions' batsmen. 

  • Did you know?

    Suresh Raina has scored 400-plus runs in eight seasons of IPL - the most by any player.
    2008, 2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2014,2017

    400-plus runs in most IPL seasons:

    8 - Suresh Raina 
    6 - Rohit Sharma 
    5 - Gautam Gambhir, David Warner

  • 22:47 (IST)

    After 12 overs,Gujarat Lions 123/2 ( Suresh Raina (C) 16 , Dinesh Karthik (W) 1)

    Maxwell back in the attack. Smith hammers one straight down the ground for six. A camera captures KXIP mentor Virender Sehwag in the dug out. He looks dejected. Tries to get another one off the next ball. But doesn't get the distance. Caught at deep mid wicket. Dinesh Karthik is the new man at the crease. Nine off the over and a wicket.

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  • 22:44 (IST)

    OUT! Smith caught in the deep, trying to hit another six. KXIP 120/2 in the 12th over. 

    Dwayne Smith c Guptill b Maxwell 74(39) 

  • 22:43 (IST)

    After 11 overs,Gujarat Lions 114/1 ( Dwayne Smith 68 , Suresh Raina (C) 14)

    Aaron back into the attack. Three runs from the first three balls. Raina rapped on the pads on the fourth ball. Clearly pitched outside leg. Not out. The next ball is short and Raina swats it away for a boundary at mid wicket. A tennis shot. Brett Lee gets it spot on on commentary. With that Raina brings up 4,500 runs in IPL - the first man to do so. Gets back to back fours as he gets one to fine leg. 11 runs from that over.

  • This has been an insipid fielding display from the Kings XI who are in danger of throwing away a decent chance to keep their playoff hopes alive. Dwayne Smith has been dropped twice and he is making the most of his good fortune as the West Indian gets his first decent score of this year’s tournament. It could be that his first match winning contribution comes after his team have been eliminated. 

  • 22:39 (IST)

    After 10 overs,Gujarat Lions 103/1 ( Dwayne Smith 67 , Suresh Raina (C) 5)

    Natarajan in the attack. A mix up between the GL batsmen and Smith had almost run to the other end. Would have been out with a direct hit. The bowler needed to be behind the stumps at the non-striker's end. Had he collected and broken the stumps, Smith would have still been struggling. The next ball produces a wicket. Ishan comes down the track and heaves it to deep mid wicket. Miller holds on this time. And sighs in relief. Makes amends for his earlier dropped chance. Raina is teh next man in. Smith is going great guns though. Goes over the top. Just clears the man at long on. Raina gets a boundary at deep square leg off the last ball to make it another good over for GL. 12 runs from that over and a wicket.    

  • 22:37 (IST)

  • 22:33 (IST)

    OUT! Ishan heaves one from Natarajan away. Miller takes a good catch at deep mid wicket. KXIP 91/1 in the 10th over. 

    Ishan Kishan c (sub)Miller b T Natarajan 29(24) 

  • That no-ball incident looks to have really bothered the Kings XI players. Even Maxwell looks hot under the collar. Two dropped catches would not be helping the captain's temperature right now! Gujarat taking advantage of a side that looks rattled right now. It's up to the captain to steady the ship and get his side back on track - Dwayne Smith's wicket will go a long way towards helping that. 

  • 22:31 (IST)

    After 9 overs,Gujarat Lions 91/0 ( Dwayne Smith 60 , Ishan Kishan 29)

    Axar continues. Smith goes after him. The first ball is hit straight, high and handsome. Six! Another good over for GL. Ten from it. 

  • 22:30 (IST)

  • 22:29 (IST)

    After 8 overs,Gujarat Lions 81/0 ( Dwayne Smith 52 , Ishan Kishan 27)

    Maxwell into the attack. Ishan pulls aqnd finds the boundary at midwicket. Ishan gets another boundary in the over. Past point this time. Smith hits the fifth ball down the ground. Good attempt at long on. Falls just short of the fielder. 12 runs from that over.

  • 22:23 (IST)

    After 7 overs,Gujarat Lions 69/0 ( Dwayne Smith 51 , Ishan Kishan 16)

    Axar into the attack. Five runs off the first five balls and the last ball is hit straight and hadsome. Six! Fifty for Smith off 28 balls. Gujarat are putting up a good fight. Strategic timeout taken at the end of the over.           

  • 22:22 (IST)

  • 22:22 (IST)

  • 22:21 (IST)

    After 6 overs,Gujarat Lions 58/0 ( Dwayne Smith 43 , Ishan Kishan 13)

    Mohit Sharma back into the attack. Slower delivery. Ishan gets a single on the first ball and the fifty-run partnership up for the first wicket. The third ball is despathced over mid wicket. Imperious from Smith. Tries to heave the  next ball, but hits it straight up in the air. This should be easy for David Miller at mid off. Smith is cursing himself already. But can you believe it? Miller drops a dolly. A sigh of relief from Smith. Wears his heart on his sleeve.  Miller looks distraught. Nine runs from that over. Gujarat have done well in the power play.

  • 22:21 (IST)

  • This is the exact start that the Lions needed and they are in with a good chance of chasing this down. This is the Dwayne Smith that has been so dominant in the IPL in the past when wearing the yellow of CSK. There is a long way to go, but Kings XI had their chance to get rid of him when David Miller put down the easiest of chances. 

  • Kings XI haven't found the right length so far, maybe fearing Dwayne Smith's power. By bowling a shorter length they haven't got any swing, which is Sandeep's main weapon, and that has made batting easy for Smith. The West Indian is putting the pressure on the Punjab bowlers by finding the boundary with regularity. 

  • 22:16 (IST)

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    After 5 overs,Gujarat Lions 49/0 ( Dwayne Smith 38 , Ishan Kishan 9)

    Sandeep continues. The second ball is banged in short and Ishan cuts it hard. Aerial and towards third man. Short of the fielder. Single. The next ball is straight and pitched up and Smith goes down the ground. Four! Sandeep raps Smith on the thigh pads with nhis next delivery. Way high for the decision to go in his favour. Don't know why he was appealing there. Not once but thrice. No ball called on the fifth ball.

    Sandeep is arguing animatedly with the umpire. KXIP captain Maxwell also getting involved. Apparently Sandeep had switched to round the wicket without informing the umpire. Sandeep is livid. The match referee would pencil that in. Replays however show that Sandeep had indeep informed the umpire about the change of sides. Extremely poor umpiring. Sandeep ended up bowling from the side the non-striker was standing in. If the players are to be hauled up for misbehaviour, the umpires must be hauled up for such faux pas too.

    The free hit ball is good and Ishan could hit it down to long on only for one. The last ball is driven with authority through extra cover for a boundary. 

  • 22:14 (IST)

  • 22:08 (IST)

    After 4 overs,Gujarat Lions 36/0 ( Dwayne Smith 29 , Ishan Kishan 7)

    Varun Aaron into the attack. Smith a couple of twos from the first two balls. The third ball is a slower one, but short and Smity guides it through point for a boundary. That was in the air but in the gap as well. Smith gets an outside  edge off the fourth ball. The ball travels towards third man, but will fall short of the fielders. Sandeep puts in a valiant attempt at the fence, but can't save the boundary. Smith is getting a move on. 13 runs from that over.

Preview: Desperate for a berth in the Indian Premier League (IPL) play-offs, a resurgent Kings XI Punjab will aim to go for the kill when they face a down and out Gujarat Lions at the IS Bindra Stadium in Mohali on Sunday.

Glenn Maxwell leads KXIP in a must-win match against Suresh Raina's GL.

Glenn Maxwell leads KXIP in a must-win match against Suresh Raina's GL.

Kings XI find themselves at the fifth spot in the IPL standings after registering two consecutive wins – against Delhi Daredevils by 10 wickets last Sunday and then a 19-run win against bottom-placed Royal Challengers Bangalore in Bengaluru on Friday.

Gujarat Lions on the other hand, have just three wins from 11 games with six points to languish at the penultimate spot.

On Friday, all-rounder Axar Patel smashed a 17-ball 38 and then followed it up with 3/11, to keep the Punjab side's chances of qualifying for the play-offs alive.

South African Hashim Amla has been their highest run-scorer with 316 runs, which included a century against Mumbai Indians while Martin Guptill, Shaun Marsh, Manan Vohra, Wriddhiman Saha all have chipped in from time to time but they need to be more consistent to lend depth to KXIP batting.

Skipper Glenn Maxwell is due for a big score after getting under 200 runs in 10 matches, with an unbeaten 44 being his highest score this season.

On the bowling front, medium pacer Sandeep Sharma's brilliant three-wicket haul blew away RCB's top-order to set up the win for Punjab before Axar cleaned up the middle order with his left-arm spin.

Meanwhile, Gujarat Lions are already out of contention and can only be the party spoilers if they win on Sunday. The Lions are coming into the match after three consecutive losses, which also includes the heartbreaking defeat against Mumbai Indians in a thrilling Super Over finish at Rajkot.

Despite posting 208-7, the Lions were blown away by Rishabh Pant's sensational 43-ball 97-run innings and Sanju Samson's 61 in their last match against Delhi and they would still be reeling from the seven-wicket loss.

Lions have also suffered a body blow losing their opener Brendon McCullum, who will miss the remaining matches after suffering a hamstring strain.

Skipper Suresh Raina and Dinesh Karthik have done the bulk of their scoring and with the likes of Ishan Kishan, Aaron Finch, and Dwayne Smith in their line-up, Gujarat have the ability to tear apart even the strongest of the bowling attack.

But more often than not, it is their inexperienced bowling unit which has cost the side dearly with the likes of Shardul Thakur, James Faulkner, Basil Thampi and Ravindra Jadeja failing to live upto the expectations of the side.


Kings XI Punjab: Glenn Maxwell (Captain), David Miller, Manan Vohra, Hashim Amla, Shaun Marsh, Darren Sammy, Wriddhiman Saha (WK), Nikhil Naik, Ishant Sharma, Armaan Jaffer, Martin Guptill, Eoin Morgan, Rinku Singh, Sandeep Sharma, Arman Jaffer, Anureet Singh, Mohit Sharma, K.C. Cariappa, Pradeep Sahu, Swapnil Singh, T Natrajan, Matt Henry, Varun Aaron, Axar Patel, Marcus Stoinis, Gurkeerat Mann, Rahul Tewatia.

Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina (Captain), Akshadeep Nath, Basil Thampi, Shubham Agarwal, Dwayne Smith, Chirag Suri, James Faulkner, Aaron Finch, Manpreet Gony, Ishan Kishan, Ravindra Jadeja, Shadab Jakati, Dinesh Karthik (WK), Dhawal Kulkarni, Praveen Kumar, Brandon McCullum, Pradeep Sangwan, Jason Roy, Jaydev Shah, Shelly Shaurya, Nathusingh, Tejas Baroka.

Updated Date: May 08, 2017 00:07 AM

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