Uttarakhand Election Result 2017, as it happened: BJP sweeps hill state with unprecedented mandate

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Uttarakhand Election Result 2017, as it happened: BJP sweeps hill state with unprecedented mandate
  • How the towering figure of PM Modi helped BJP in fragmented Uttarakhand

    Ambitious and influential local leaders have often engaged in one-upmanship in Uttarakhand, which has been to the detriment of the BJP. And since not one person was influential enough to tower above the others, this has always remained the condition. To compensate for this, the party chose to focus heavily on Prime Minister Narendra Modi's presence in the state, choosing to play down the lack of local leadership. It was actually the Narendra Modi factor that helped BJP win the election.

  • 17:00 (IST)

    Rahul Gandhi congratulates BJP for victory

  • Congress' ploy of focussing on Harish Rawat alone has backfired

    Congress focussed on Harish Rawat to such an extent that the party alienated other local leaders who rebelled and moved to the BJP. It was these leaders who have won big in Uttarakhand, and have contributed to BJP's victory.

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  • 16:29 (IST)

    BJP state president Ajay Bhatt loses at Ranikhet to Congress' Karan Mahara

  • 16:17 (IST)

    How parties' leads through over the day

  • 16:00 (IST)

    Latest numbers as per Election Commission:

    BJP: 32 wins, 25 leading

    Congress: 8 wins, 3 leading

    Independent candidates: 1 win, 1 leading

  • Rawat to tender his resignation

    They tell me Chief Minister Harish Rawat will tender his resignation now. Which is ironic, because the elections have been brutal on him. Tender and brutal are opposites.

  • 15:15 (IST)

    Rawat to meet governor Paul to resign after poll debacle

    Chief Minister Harish Rawat will meet state Governor KK Paul to tender his resignation, after having accepted his defeat in the Assembly election. Rawat contested from two constituencies, but lost both. Moreover, his Congress party is staring at the prospect of an all-time lowest tally.

  • No silver lining for Harish Rawat

    Results are fast becoming clear in Uttarakhand, and the Congress party looks set for a decimation. Almost all the star names the party had come up with for the Assembly election have suffered heavy defeats. Even its state president and chief minister couldn't escape losses. The party has been swept away by the tsunami-like wave in favour of the BJP. It's time for introspection for Rawat. He has lost face and lost his constituency.

  • 14:58 (IST)

  • Harish Rawat's defeat sets a new equation 

    Harish Rawat ‘s defeat at both the seats and the victory of Vijay Bahuguna’s son Saurabh Bahuguna at the Sitarganj seat sets a new equation. After a disaster in 2013, Bahuguna was replaced with Rawat to elevate Congress' position. Rawat focused on reconstruction work in Kedarnath.

    Later, Rawat emerged as a grassroots politician who always stayed in close contact with pahad and pahadi.

    This election will be known for redefining all the measures and setting new trends. All the points that was considered favorable seemed diminishing the future of the party in the state.

  • 14:17 (IST)

  • 14:17 (IST)

  • The entire election was fought in the name of PM Modi 

    As BJP proved its reach to the heart of voters, leaving its close rival Congress off-shore in political terms. Yet choosing an appropriate leader who can sustain the grip of party over the state.

    Whenever BJP has been in the government, it has witnessed reshuffling of chief ministers many times. Ambitions and over powering tendencies of its top leader has landed the party in soup in previous times.

    No leader’s face was influential enough to fetch winsome votes in the state, that is clear from party’s strategy of not projecting any party leader’s face for election. Whole election was fought in the name of PM Modi.

  • 14:13 (IST)

    Uttarakhand: Here's a look at how the candidates are faring 

    Most of Congress' key candidates suffered heavy defeats on Saturday, none more so than Chief Minister Harish Rawat himself, who had contested from two constituencies — Haridwar Rural and Kichcha — but lost from the former and is trailing from the other. A number of Congress MLAs had defected to BJP last year, and most of them have fared quite well.

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  • Replacing Vijay Bahuguna proved fatal for Congress

    Replacing Vijay Bahuguna and bringing Harish Rawat has proved fatal for Rahul Gandhi. Rawat has lost both the seats and Bahuguna's son Saurabh has registered a remarkable win in Sitarganj.

    It was assumed that Rawat camp can escalate the position of Congress in state but Vijay Bahuguna who was proved unable to take care of Uttarakhand after the disaster and was dethroned later, has come out as a winner.

    It is a proof that congress couldn't gaze  the mood of voters and kept on living in utopia. While rebels who were considered to be biggest threat to party inmates performance are leading. Big blow to congress.

  • Cometh the hour...

    There's very little happening in Uttarakhand, but my phone is ringing of the hook.

    You know what they say, even a small man casts a massive shadow.

  • 13:42 (IST)

    Party Won    Leading
    BJP 3 55
    Congress 2 8
    Independent 0 2
    Total 5 70

    Source: Election Commission

  • Is it Vijay Bahuguna? Is it Roose Bolton? Is it Brutus?

    Remember the Red Wedding when Roose Bolton betrayed the Starks, pretending to be their friend but actually wiped out their entire family? Vijay Bahuguna is the Bolton of Uttarakhand. He led Harish Rawat to believe he's a friend before turning his back on the Congress party and escaping in the middle of the night with 10 MLAs.

    One can only hope he knows what happened to Papa Roose later in the story.

  • 13:18 (IST)

    Key constituencies and which way they voted

    The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) looked set to storm to a massive win in Uttarakhand on Saturday, as they are likely to clinch the 70-seat Assembly with a comfortable majority, relegating Harish Rawat's incumbent Congress party to a heavy defeat. Here's a list of the key constituencies in Uttarakhand, and which way they voted.

  • 12:34 (IST)

    Bharatiya Janata Party  57
    Indian National Congress  9
    Independent  4


    Total  70

    Source: Election Commission Website

  • Harish Rawat's victim card failed 

    Congress' Chief Minister Harish Rawat tried to play the victim card since a failed attempt at toppling his government was made last year. He projected himself as being cheated and downplayed by rebels from his own party, while accommodating Congress rebels has also caused rifts within the BJP.

    It created infighting in the BJP ranks, and these rebel candidates were considered serious threats to the party's established nomiees.

  • 12:17 (IST)

    Bharatiya Janata Party  55
    Indian National Congress  11
    Independent  4


    Total  70

    Source: Election Commission Website

  • 12:10 (IST)

    Chin2Leaks Introspection Intercept

  • BJP set for a massive victory in Uttarakhand

    Uttarakhand has traditionally been a state where BJP and Congress have always been neck and neck.

    Both parties have had to rely upon independent candidates and smaller parties. But the BJP had bucked the trend for the 2017 election with a clean sweep, winning over 50 votes in the 70-seat Assembly.

    The 2017 elections were the first time polling took place in the hill state after the Kedarnath tragedy that almost ruined the state and broke its tourism industry, which had been a backbone of its economy. People are still waiting for government aid to rebuild roads, bridges and sources of livelihood. Ignoring these key issues may have created disenchantment among the voters, and the disappointment may have in turn resulted in a thumping victory for the BJP.

  • 12:00 (IST)

    Uttarakhand CM Harish Rawat loses from Haridwar rural seat

  • 11:47 (IST)

    Bharatiya Janata Party  52
    Indian National Congress  14
    Independent  4


    Total  70

    Source: Election Commission Website

  • 11:45 (IST)

    Watch: BJP celebrates its clear lead in the election 

  • 11:37 (IST)

    Bharatiya Janata Party  53
    Indian National Congress  15
    Independent  1


    Total  70

    Source: Election Commission Website

  • Like the Lannisters, Rawat always pays his dues

    And on the evidence of today's performance, he's paying through his nose. 

  • 11:25 (IST)

  • 11:20 (IST)

    Bharatiya Janata Party  54
    Indian National Congress  15
    Independent  1


    Total  70

    Source: Election Commission Website

  • 11:10 (IST)

    Bharatiya Janata Party  53
    Indian National Congress  15
    Independent  2

    Total  70

    Source: Election Commission Website

  • 10:58 (IST)

  • 10:50 (IST)

    BJP - 53
    Congress - 15
    BSP - 1
    Other - 1
    News18 calls it a win for BJP in Uttarakhand. Congress clinched 15 seats, while BSP gained 1.

  • 10:45 (IST)

    BJP gets a clear majority

  • 10:39 (IST)

    Take a look at the probable CM candidates from BJP

    (From left, clockwise) Trivendra Singh Rawat, Vijay Bahuguna, Bhagat Singh Koshyari, Ajay Tamta, Ajay Bhatt, Anil Baluni, Ramesh Pokhriyal and Satpal Maharaj

    Read more about the candidates

  • A key question for Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand Congress units

  • 10:26 (IST)

    BJP - 54
    Congress - 13
    BSP - 1
    Other - 1 

    News18 calls it a win for BJP in Uttarakhand. Congress clinched 13 seats, while BSP gained 1.

  • BJP workers have started celebrating in Uttarakhand

    BJP workers have started celebrating at the party's state headquarter in Dehradun. They are bursting firecrackers and raising the slogans of 'Modi'.

  • 10:21 (IST)

    BJP - 52

    Congress - 15

    BSP - 1

    Other - 1 

    News18 calls it a win for BJP in Uttarakhand. Congress clinched 15 seats, while BSP gained 1.

  • High lead for one party: An anomaly in Uttarakhand election history

    It is first time in the history that one party seems to be emerging in high lead. It is likely that demonetisation and Orop issue helped BJP to build on voters' faith. Now, development was the sole issue that made people vote in their favour.    

    Harish Rawat, who worked as one man army, couldn't stand with BJP aggressive stretegy. Inner differences have been proved to be the last nail in the coffin.

  • 09:48 (IST)

    BJP - 50
    Congress - 13
    BSP - 1

    News18 calls it a win for BJP in Uttarakhand. Congress clinched 13 seats, while BSP gained 1.

  • BJP leads on 48 seats 

    Leading in 48 seats, the BJP is almost sure of its victory in flying colours in the state. It proves that the charisma of Prime Minister Narendra Modi has worked and BJP has left no stone unturned to ensure its victory.

    It was important to win in Uttarakhand and up after losing Bihar election, enough to quiet those who were saying he is fading. 

    Intensive campaigning and star studded high voltage rallies remain successful turning voter's mind in its favour. Modi's development funda has worked.

  • 09:37 (IST)

    BJP - 48
    Congress - 12
    BSP - 1

    News18 calls it a win for BJP in Uttarakhand. Congress clinched 12 seats, while BSP gained 1.

  • 09:28 (IST)

  • 09:27 (IST)

    BJP - 44
    Congress - 12
    BSP - 1

    News18 calls it a win for BJP in Uttarakhand. Congress clinched 12 seats, while BSP gained 1.

  • BJP to win Uttarakhand?

    When counting took its own sweet time to get started, I decided to immerse myself in a book. As I discovered it was a very violent book. So I put it down. 

    Then counting began and this trend emerged. A news channel called Utttarakhand for the BJP. Take a moment to spare a thought for Harish Rawat, because now his watch has ended.

  • Candidate-wise leads 

    Raghunath Singh Chauhan from BJP is leading in Almora. 

    Harbans Kapoor, BJP from Dehradun Cantt is leading. 

    Meena Gangola from BJP is leading in Gangolihat. 

    Ranjeet Rawat from the Congress is leading in Ramnagar. 

    Govind Singh Kunjwal from Congress is leading in Jageshwar.          

    Sanjeev Arya from BJP is leading in Nainital 

    Manoj Rawat of Congress leading in Kedarnath

    Vinod Chamoli of BJP leading on Dharampur seat in Dehradun. 

    Ganesh Joshi of BJP leads in Mussoorie. 

    Congress state president Kishore Upadhyay leads in Sahaspur 

    Harak Singh Rawat of BJP leading in Kotdwar. 

    Rekha Arya of BJP leading in Someshwar. 

New Delhi: Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat on Saturday lost from both the Haridwar (Rural) and Kichcha seats, as the ruling Congress was handed a humiliating drubbing by the BJP in the hill state.

Rawat lost the Haridwar (Rural) by 12,000 votes and the Kichcha seats.

His defeat comes as the Congress state unit president Kishore Upadhyay conceded defeat.

The BJP is leading in over 55 seats in the state.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Saturday thanked the people of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand for the BJP's "historic victory" in the two states.

Rajnath Singh attributed the victory to "Prime Minister Narendra Modi's commitment to the public, his efficient leadership and our commitment to good governance.

"We thank all the people of Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand for this historic victory and express gratitude towards them."

This, he said, was not a victory but a "mega victory".

"The BJP has changed the political picture of the country by touching the new era of success in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand," he tweeted.

The BJP was projected to win Uttarakhand Assembly Election by various exit polls on Thursday, with projections ranging from 35 to 53 seats for the party in the 70-member house.

The News 24-Today Chanakya poll gave the BJP 53 seats and the ruling Congress 15, and others two in the hill state. India Today-Axis predicted that BJP would get 46-53 seats, the Congress 12-21, and others 2-6 seats. India News-MRC exit poll projected 38 seats for the BJP, 30 for the Congress, two for others.

India TV-Cvoter predicted that BJP and Congress had an even chance at forming a government in the state, and projected 29-35 seats for both parties each. It projected two to nine seats for others.

The poll of polls done by CNN-News18 projected BJP to get 38 seats, Congress 26 and others six, and a similar exercise by NDTV projected the BJP getting 43 seats and the Congress 23 in the hill state.

Exit polls were telecast on Thursday evening at 5.30 pm, after balloting ended on a seat each in Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand, which polls were earlier countermanded following deaths of candidates.

Five states — Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Goa and Manipur — witnessed assembly polls over eight phases in February-March. The counting of votes will take place on Saturday.


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